Some ways to clear old Amazon inventory

I, Take full advantage of various promotions

1. Select your listings with higher number of reviews and better rating. These products can be promoted (or Lightning Deals) first in the station, you can bundle their own similar products, how to make a specific combination depends fully on your arrangement, however, you must analyze whether the product can be sold at present, don’t make the silly mistake of promoting summer items in winter or special holiday items at random.

2. Find the celebrities of Instagram and the celebrities of the corresponding categories. Give them unlimited codes.

3. You can put some of the products that is with relatively higher value and feel more popular in the discount website for promotion. The promotional price must have a big discount, and see if you can pull up the rankings. If you can’t post on a large website because of the limited quantity of feedback, find some third party websites.

4. Apply for LD.

5. Do not adjust the price of the products in the foreground page too low. It is better to use a discount to sell at a low price. According to many sellers, the lower price, the more difficult to sell out, of course, it depends on the product.

6. Go to ebay to post second-hand product information and sell it at half price. Then deliver the products through multiple FBA channels.

7. If you have Alibaba’s international platform account, release 5-10 batch orders. The price should be low, and deliver products through multiple FBA channels.

8. Send a message to the customers who have bought in the past, telling them to buy now at 50% discount.


II, Develop a sales plan

1. Organize promotion events to send gifts: sellers can use gifts to encourage consumers to register accounts, buy other products, or participate in your social media activities. This method is very effective for long-term sales, the seller is only at the expense of the present instant sales, but for the attention of more users and consumption in the future.

2. Highlight the product as a sales promotion: in fact, the nature is the same as the physical store, consumers will see a very eye-catching “SALE” POP when they enter the store. This can also be done on Amazon. The seller highlights the product as “ON SALE” or “SPECIALLY PRICED”. If sellers can catch the attention of consumers when they visit the website, then it will attract consumers stay and check out any product they are interested in.

3, bundled sales, present free of charge: the seller may have a slow-moving product no matter how hard the seller try to sell, and these products will eventually become unsold inventory, then the seller can use it as a bundle to save costs, presenting them as Gifts, as long as the consumer purchases a certain type of product and reach a certain amount, this product can be presented in bundle.

4, Exchange sales: when a product sales speed is slow as snail, the seller can look for other sellers, to see if there is a win-win method, if they are willing to exchange sales, in this case, you should promote this product as a new inventory to improve consumer interest.

5, Have a sense of urgency to sell old inventory: you should know how to mobilize the emotions of consumers, let them think that if they miss the opportunity this time, will not be able to buy such affordable products, use some LD activities or sales countdown promotion.

6, Extend the return period: In fact, the difference between the best-selling products and the slow-moving products is very small. Buyers want to have a longer period of return, so that they can feel more secure when shopping, and they can also make them happy shopping. Therefore, extending the return period is undoubtedly a very good choice.

7, Increase credits and rewards: you can use the product points system, each purchase of certain product will get the corresponding points, later you can use the points to exchange for some free products, and many consumers prefer this form.

8. Give the product as gifts to bloggers and invite them to write comments: sellers can give products to some popular bloggers and ask them to write product comments, you may feel loss in the moment, but in fact, it is all for the future.

9. Product presence: a product that stays in the inventory all the time will definitely be forgotten by people in the end. In order to maintain the presence of the product, sellers need to put the product in the best-selling section, which can also increase the exposure of the product and increase the probability of selling out.


III. Adjust operation strategy


1.You can consider finding a local offline wholesaler. If you have this resource, you can sell the slow-moving products to them at a discount, that is, you need to transfer it to a third-party warehouse, which is troublesome sometimes. But this can recover a little loss, and if sold offline, it is also helpful to the product brand.

2. All the promotions will definitely pursue the rankings. You can mix the ads and see if the data can be saved, if you can raise the rankings, you can reduce your loss a little bit by selling some on the platform.

3. Clear the inventory with the help of Amazon’s pilot program, which allows you to clear inventory through Amazon subsidiaries in Amazon US Operations Center. This option is particularly valuable when there is no alternative, because it can help us turn “dead” inventory into capital, recovering some of the cost of inventory and clearing the inventory so we don’t have to pay for long-term storage fees.

4. Make advantage of buy box to clear inventory. Buy box has always been regarded as the guarantee of sales. When you’re ready to clear your inventory, the product’s price is bound to drop dramatically. With a proven track record, you can be a strong competitor in buy box.