Risky Brushing Can Never be Trusted

Recently, bad news sprang up frequently in the cross-border ecommerce community: Here was the storm of Amazon removing reviews, that small or big sellers’ number of reviews sharply decreased or even completely removed; some large business’s account was suspended due to policy violations. It can be seen that black hat techniques may win for a time, but it will not last for long. The seller can only cultivate real reviews by continuously accumulating fan base resources though policy compliant ways.

“Fan Based Close Circle” strategy can develop fans network that is secure and with high royalty.

It is actually easy to see that most “involved” sellers have something in common: they rise up and progress quickly with great sales momentum, by using some kind of high-risk resources, and then prompt the overall performance within a certain category. As a result, these unusual remarkable performances easily attracted Amazon’s attention.

In nowadays environment of Amazon advocating compliant operations, many big sellers have already abandoned the “adventurous” gameplay and turned to accumulate and develop their own customer base which can be a resource for their businesses in many ways. Thus, it is called ” Fan Based Closed Circle ” strategy.

As a matter of fact, many sellers are already applying this strategy. The difference lies in how much cost and manpower they have invested. Some sellers use a relatively basic strategy. In other words, the contact information of the purchaser can be obtained through the information in the existing orders, for sellers to use some other tools or channels (such as SNS) to build communication with users.

Design the relativeness of listings, and complete relevant actions of “fan base development”

While Amazon platform restricts posting reviews and suspend accounts from time to time, leaving many sellers in a desperate situation with no review and no traffic for their products. For survival in today’s fierce competition, they have to expand their own market and re-cultivate “the deserted farm”.

A seller stated that he was developing student group networking resources and conduct a small-scale free product testing, and the result was quite good. He started implementing this method from last month by himself and successfully gained 30 fans who can help to complete product reviews for ten products.

As he said, the advantage of this strategy was based on security of the buyer’s account. Encourage these buyers to participate activities such as clicking helpful button, posting FAQ, Facebook sharing, giving discount promotions, product give-away, posting off-site influencer videos, and relevant activities to engage more fans and increase activeness of fans, thus achieve the goal of controlling product traffic and conversion.

At the same time, he also emphasized that the purpose of developing fans is also to build up the relativeness of listings. He also use crawler tools to crawl user information on eBay, Amazon and other platforms to create relevant contents. “For example, if a customer purchases a hot-selling product A, meanwhile this buyer buys/saves my product B, then there will be high relativeness to be established between both on Amazon. Eventually B product will show up on the product A page as a frequently bought together item or in the other page sections.”

A brief summary in the end, the so-called “Fan Based Closed Circle” means a cyclic process “attract fans – educate fans—fans conversion—fans retention— brand cognition and fans spread brand awareness”, which is a safe and repeatable business model involving no rule-breaking operation.