How to Protect Your Closed Listing on Amazon from Hijackers(2019)

There are Amazon sellers who find that someone is hijacking their closed listing of discontinued products. They are afraid that this will have negative impact on their brand, yet have no clue to deal with it properly. Let’s take a close look into this topic today.

1. Why discontinued product can get its listing hijacked?

According to the user agreement between sellers and Amazon, all product listings posted by sellers are belong to Amazon. 

Whether delete it or not, the product you remove will leave its listing history in Amazon’s system. As long as another seller worked out your ASIN, they could hijack your listing to sell the same product.

2. Impact of having your discontinued product listing hijacked

First of all, you brand will be impaired if the hijacking seller are selling counterfeit, poor-quality goods, or with deceptive selling behaviors.

Besides, it will draw a lot of attentions from your competitors to your successful products. The products you are selling currently will also be investigated and hijacked maybe, boosting the competitive pressure for goods of the same kind.

3. Precautions sellers can take to prevent hijacking 

To prevent the negative impact of listing hijacking, the seller can make a few adjustments to product listing before suspending it, such as replace or delete product pictures or alter the descriptions.

This will not only lower the possibility of hijacking but also prevent from much worse influence of your brand and future business.

There are also other actions you can take. You can warn the seller directly with email, and turn to some agencies for help with removing the post. Or, you can file a complaint with Amazon and get to edit the listing of discontinued products again so the hijacker can’t offer the right product to buyers.