How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?


Many sellers understand that Amazon Lightning Deals (LD) is very popular among buyers. It can help sellers get more exposure, increase conversion rate and increase sales. Once again, it can help clean up redundant inventory and help sellers to get more revenue.

Then, how to participate in Lighting Deal?

Amazon charges a service fee for LD function, which is usually $150 for 4-6 hours. For the recommended listing, the seller can applied for this function from background.

1,Enter the LD dashboard from the ads pull-down menu in the seller central.

2,After entering the Lightning Deals Dashboard, you can create LD for the recommended listing by yourself. As shown in the figure below, click on the recommended product “Advanced Editing Interface” arbitrarily.

3,Determine the details of the LD, select the time period and pictures for the LD, the most important and determine the LD price. Generally, there is a suggested LD price. The LD price we set can only be less than or equal to the recommended LD price, and then set number of products to participate in the LD, and the click to submit, waiting for scheduling of the LD.Observe the results of the scheduling and see what time it begins. If the time period is very poor, we need to cancel the LD in time.

How to get an unrecommended listing to participate in an Amazon LD?

First of all, we need to understand that Amazon LD operates through recommendation system, recommendation requires certain qualifications. As far as I know, the first requirement is that the number of reviews of the listings is preferably more than 10; The second is that rating review score of the listing is preferably higher than 3.5; The third is that the delivery means must be FBA logistics. The fourth, it should also be noted that new stores without feedback are generally not recommended for LD, and the number of feedback should preferably be more than 5.

It is especially noticed that the data of Amazon often delays, and many listings that meet the above qualifications are still not recommended. We can use some skills to activate the listing LD recommendation. The method is as follows (USA site):

  1. 1. Enter the LD Dashboard from the Amazon seller central.

  1. 2. After entering the LD interface, click the “See all recommendations” .
  2. 3. Enter the corresponding interface, as shown below. Keep the content in the red box in the domain name field. Delete the part after “?”, and then add “/ product SKU”.
  3. 4. Refresh a few times, it can basically be activated, Almost all those meet the above four qualifications can be activated. After activation, you can apply LD yourself!

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