How To Get The Competitive Edge by Driving External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Amazon has a huge customer base and powerful tools for sellers, and with the help of external online applications such as Tool4Seller, you can make a lot of profit on the e-commerce platform. But, if you are looking to get that competitive edge over other sellers on Amazon, then you are going to want to start by driving external traffic to your listings through landing pages to improve your conversion rates.


Why Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listings?

Getting organic traffic on Amazon is getting harder and harder all the time, and advertising within the platform is highly competitive. Working on boosting your external traffic means you can get higher conversion rates to boost your ranking on the Amazon search engine, but also improve your brand awareness outside of the Amazon platform.


Boost Your Rankings

External traffic can help boost your rankings within the Amazon platform. More visitors, and more sales, means improved visibility in the Amazon search engine, and improved keyword rankings for your product pages. As well, any extra traffic and resulting sales are great for your store’s profitability, so if you can drive traffic to your product pages, then you can consider that a bonus.


Increasing your Brand Awareness

A great way to improve your conversion rates on Amazon, and get people flocking to your product listings, is by having people recognize your brand. Some people may recognize your brand within the Amazon search engine result pages, but if you can get people to recognize your brand outside of Amazon then that is even better. People knowing your brand outside Amazon means that there is talk about your brand, and talk leads to more people coming to check out your product listings and purchasing your products.


Skipping over your Competition

As noted above, competition is heavy for advertising space within Amazon from sponsored products and product brand listings, so if you can get extra traffic to your product listings and bypass the internal advertising, you can skip over your competition. Organic growth on Amazon can be difficult, but when you can show off your products on their own on external social media platforms, you can get consumers to see your products without your competitors’ products appearing right next to it.


Diversify Your Customer Base

When customers are coming to your product pages, they often aren’t your customers, but Amazon’s customers. By expanding to drive external traffic, you are building up your own customers for your products. This allows you to build up your brand name outside of Amazon, which should help with overall organic growth.


Driving External Traffic: What You Need to Do

There are a few things you need to decide on and do before you start your drive for external traffic to your Amazon product listings.


Optimize Your Listings

Ensure that your product listings are optimized on Amazon to make sure that customers get all the details they want on a product page. If they are clicking through to shabby product pages with sparse details, they are less likely to be interested in your product enough to actually buy it. Make sure you are making good use of the space available for product title and descriptions and use good quality copy; don’t just throw in every keyword under the sun or you’ll drive away from some customers. As well, ensure you have all nine photo slots filled up with useful images of the product. Details of specifications and live-action shots are a great choice.


Choose Where to Drive Traffic From

There are several options to choose from when it comes to deciding where you want to get your external traffic.


Facebook Ads are a popular choice, as it is one of the most used social media platforms around, providing a huge user base spread out over all demographics and all interests.


Influencer marketing is something you can invest in as well. Finding influencers on various social media platforms that are interested in your products gives you a large audience because influencers usually have thousands, if not millions, of followers. With influencers you can use the built-in Amazon affiliate program and negotiate a price for them promoting your affiliate links. They profit and your profit, so everybody wins.


If you share affiliate links yourself on social media, you can earn small commissions, but be sure to read over the Amazon’s Participation Requirements for affiliate links to ensure you are not violating any policies (such as sharing your links to family and friends).


Email lists are a great asset if you already have one built up. If not, you can use some of your other external traffic choices to build one. Amazon keeps its customer’s email information hidden from sellers, so the only way to build up an email list for newsletters and product promotion is external.


Effective Use of Landing Pages


The number one thing you should know when driving external traffic is that you should not be driving most of the traffic directly to your product listings. This often results in a high amount of hits, but a low amount of sales, which damages your rankings in the Amazon search engine. Always link to a landing page that can easily be made by a landing page tool. On that landing page, you can have them submit their email address for a promo code, which then can be used on your product page. This gets you sales from customers that are actually interested and get you more email addresses for future marketing. You can also have your landing page collect some information about what kind of audience is actually interested in purchasing your products, so you can adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.



When it comes to driving traffic to your Amazon storefront, you should be taking advantage of external traffic in order to boost your sales and skip past the competitive marketing within the Amazon search engine. Building your brand, and your own customer base can lead to longer-term relationships with more repeat customers.