How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2024: Best Strategies for Sellers

How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2024 Best Strategies for Sellers

What we will do before purchasing a product? Read reviews. Almost every customer on Amazon will carefully read product reviews and significantly influenced by them before they make a purchase decision. Therefore, Amazon reviews always play a vital role in building trust with customers and boosting sales and that's the reason why Amazon sellers value them. However, it's challenging for Amazon sellers to get reviews as Amazon has many rules when requesting reviews, and if you break it, your product listing will be removed and evern worse, your selling privileges will be permanently withdrawn.

That's why we write this blog to help you get reviews legally in the new year of 2024 so that you can improve ratings and get more sales on Amazon. And the methods we provide you are the most fast and easy way when getting reviews.

Let's dive in!

What's Not Allowed to Get Amazon Reviews

Firstly, we should understand what rules and restrictions when we want to get reviews on Amazon. Here we mention some inappropriate method which you are not allowed:

● Post a review of your own products
● Offer a financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation to exchange reviews
● Ask customers to change or remove review after refund or reimbursement
● Get reviews from your family member or employees
● Use customer account to write a review
● Send negative reviews to feedback mechanism and positive ones to Amazon

The violations are not just the above we provide. For more information, you can directly go to Amazon Review Policy.

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon

Use Email Automation to Send Request Review Emails

A large amount of buyers say that they are willing to leave a review when sellers ask them. Tool4seller has a feature called Email Automation which aims to help sellers streamline their process and save their time by sending automated request review emails to customers.

Tool4seller Email Automation not only allows sellers to request reviews in bulk but also gives them enough freedom to schedule the time which they want to send emails. Additionally, sellers cam exclude sending emails for specific orders, ASINs, buyers & more based on the user settings.

Tool4seller provides Amazon official emails and custom emails. And also offer 5 kinds of email templates related to review request, feedback request, instructions/warranty, return and refund to suit sellers' different kinds of need. Not only that, sellers who don't have good writing skills can take advantage of Tool4seller's Email Generator to let AI generatre well-organized emails to get more Amazon reviews.

Amazon Email Automation

Provide Good Customer Service

A good customer service can increase the chance of getting positive reviews. Therefore, whenever your customer have a question or issue with the product, you'd better respond to them in time and make them satisfied.

If you are using Tool4seller's Buyer Message Reply, you will become the most efficient Amazon seller to respond to your customers, helping you maintain the sincerity of your responses while showing buyers that you value them. Open customer email and click AI Reply Optimization, Tool4seller will generate a well-organized emails within seconds.

Harness the positive momentum when you successfully resolves issues or answers questions. Seize this moment to kindly encourage customers to share their experience through reviews, capitalizing on their contentment. Even in the event of product returns, customers can spotlight the efficacy of you, turning a potentially negative situation into a positive review.

Join in Amazon Vine Program

Participating in the Amazon Vine program offers a strategic advantage for sellers to get reviews. This invite-only program, tailored for experienced reviewers, ensures quality feedback. While the service incurs costs, especially for enrolling more units, it proves beneficial during initial product launches.

Vine allows submission of up to 30 units per ASIN, with the option to enroll variations individually. Following the closure of the Amazon Early Reviewer Program in 2021, Vine became pivotal for quick, early reviews. It's crucial to note that Vine won't salvage a subpar product – quality is paramount. Concerns about overly critical reviews are often unfounded, provided the product is genuinely good.

To join Vine, sellers need Amazon brand-registered products with fewer than 30 reviews. The enrollment fee varies based on the number of units, ranging from $0 for 1-2 units to $200 for 11-30 units. If no reviews are received within 90 days, the enrollment fee is waived. In essence, Amazon Vine streamlines the review process, giving new products a rapid and credible boost.

Reduce Negative Reviews on Amazon

Every seller knows that negative reviews can heavily impact their product's ratings. So whenver there's a negative review, you should proactively and quickly address it. Therefore, you can utilize Tool4seller’s Negative Feedback Alerts to receive notifications about negative reviews. You will know who leaves a negative review and why the negative review happened. So that you have enough time to take immediate action, resolve their problems and improve your products.

Amazon Negative Feedback Alerts

Although, Amazon prohibited direct communication with customers who left negative reviews, the current landscape allows Brand Registry-enrolled sellers to engage with customers. This newfound capability enables you to enhance the overall customer experience, providing an opportunity to potentially resolve issues and encourage customers to revise or even turn their negative reviews into positive ones.

Get More Reviews on Amazon in 2024

More Amazon reviews can drive more sales and leverage your Amazon business into a new height. The insights provided in this article offer valuable strategies for getting Amazon product reviews in 2024. And all these strategies adhere strictly to Amazon's guidelines and regulations. Prioritize playing by the rules to safeguard your seller account, as jeopardizing it for a few additional sales through dubious tactics is not worthwhile.

Don't forget to use great seller tools like Tool4seller which can help you get more sales in an easy and fast way.


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