How to Increase Amazon Sales in 2024: 9 Proven Tips

How to Increase Amazon Sales in 2024 9 Proven Tips

We have clearly witnessed that online platforms, especially Amazon have thrived and earned a strong customer base. Thus, an increasing number of sellers regard this as an opportunity to make huge profit. Many of them may be not aware of how to find top-performing keywords, get more reviews and optimize their listing. Don't worry! Tool4seller, an all-in-one Amazon seller tool can help you overcome all the common chanllenges you may encounter to boost your sales on Amazon.
Here're the 9 actionable tips that you can do to increase your Amazon sales in 2024 with Tool4seller.

Find Winning Products - Hign Volume, Good Profit but Low Competiton

If you still don't have a product in your mind, the first thing is to find one - one that has high volume, high profit but low competition. Simply download Tool4seller Product Research extension and open the product listing you are interested in. It lets you understand the monthly sales trend of your potential products which you can verify whether they are still in demand. You are also able to check how many sellers are selling the same products to know how the competition is. To make sure your products are favored by more customers, but fewer sellers compete with you can make your chance of success higher. Additionally, you can use Tool4seller Profit Calculator to get your profit. Simply open it on listing page where you will see we have already provided you with price, dismension, weight, referral fee, etc, and you only need to fill in shiipping fee, purchase price and tax rate to get the result. A good profit margin would be in the 15%-20% range. Make sure your product meeting the expectation.

Utilize Fulfillment by Amazon rather than by Merchant

Leveraging Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service is a strategic move for sellers seeking to enhance their product's visibility and accelerate sales on the platform. By opting for FBA, sellers can offer Prime-eligible listings, tapping into the vast pool of Amazon Prime members who are known for their preference for swift and complimentary shipping. This not only caters to the convenience and trust associated with Prime but also boosts conversion rates. FBA goes beyond just shipping; it manages storage, packaging, and shipping logistics, freeing up sellers to concentrate on core business activities. The efficiency gained from FBA translates into improved seller metrics, including faster shipping and heightened customer satisfaction.

Conduct Keyword Research to Improve Your Search Rank

Amazon SEO algorithm is similar to Google’s Search Engine Optimization. If you select the right keywords in your search terms and listing, you will have more opportunities to be seen by your potential customers. Use Tool4seller ASIN Keyword Insights to find what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Simply enter your competitors keywords and you are able to see all the keywords' information including organic rank. weekly search volume, search frequency rank, search volume trends, ppc bid, etc. Based on these valuable insights, you can easily discover the top-performing, high-volume keywords to increase you rank and boost more sales.

Free Amazon Keyword Research Tool to increase sales

Also use ABA Search Terms Report to expand your seed keywords into long-tail keywords. As it can narrow the results when customers are searching and make your products more specific and ultimately lead to higher rates of conversion. This ABA Search Terms Report unlock all the data of lonng-tail keywords as well as its weekly and monthly performance to help you make informed decisions in keyword research.

Amazon Search Terms Report to Find Winning Keywords

Create Compelling Listings to Attract Potential Buyers

A well-written listing can help you stand out from your competition but also improve both your click-through rate (CTR) and Amazon conversion rate (CVR), leadin in more sales and higher profits. However, it is not an easy task for sellers, even those who are not proficient in writing to create a compelling listing. That's why Tool4seller creates a listing genration tool named AI Listing Generator. You only select language, put keywords needed to add in your listing, and click generate. Then the listing will be shown within seconds which totally aligns with Amazon requirement. You can directly apply it or edit to make it perfect enough to attract potential customers and boost more sales.

Free Amazon Listing Generator with AI

Manage Your Inventory More Wisely

Effectively managing your inventory on Amazon is crucial for maximizing your Amazon sales. Therefore, you should maintain optimal inventory levels as long-term storage of excess inventory can incur high storagecosts, while inadequate inventory may result in unfulfilled orders and penalties from Amazon. You can monitor your inventory status and predict how much stock you will need based to your sales trends which to a certain extent, avoids you order too much or too little inventory. Therefore, you can easily balance between supply and demand to keep your stock always in a healthy status.

Track your Compatitors Changes to Make Informed Decisions

To get more sales and visibility on Amazon, most sellers often gat insights from their competitors. By learning what they're doing, you will understand what your customers want and need. Competitor Tracking is designed to help sellers track their competitors' changes in terms of sales, Buy Box price, title, features, promotion, etc. With Tool4seller, you will be notified instantly when your competitors update anything, so you can understand the strategies they're using and the market trends to get a better handle of your Amazon business.

Track your competitors on Amazon

Set a Competitive Price to Boost More Amazon Sales

As we all know, price is a dominant factor which greatly affects customers' purchase decision. To increase your sales on Amazon, you must ensure that your price of the product is really competitive. Leveraging Tool4seller's Smart Repricing can automate your pricing strategy to help you win the Buy Box. You are also able to customize your pricing to a selected strategy and restore the price when hijackers leave. This can make you not miss out any sales opportunities while maximize your profit.

Get More Positive Reviews and Reduce Negative Reviews

Positive reviews can build trust with potential customers and showcase the quality and value of your products. It is recommended to make your customers leave more reviews after purchasing your products. You can use Tool4seller's Email Automation to create the perfect Amazon request reviiew emails for your customers. You can select the exact moment you want, customize your email and send to specific customers so as to increase their possibility to leave positive reviews, and ultimately promotes your rank & sales.

Amazon Request a Review to get more reviews

A poor review is something that no Amazon seller enjoys. Negative reviews affect your business by decreasing the exposure of your product and discouraging buyers from purchasing it. Another tool named Negative Feedback Alerts can notify you when one customer leaves bad reviews upon your product. With this tool, you will easily find which order and who leaves the review and then ask him/her to remove it.

Provide Perfect Customer Service to Facilitate a Deal

Every Amazon seller should keep in mind that it is essential to provide your customers with good service when they reach out to you. You should be polite and patient to address all the questions or problems they may encouter and offer them the best shopping experience.

With Tool4seller's Buyer Message Reply, you are able to get:
● Generate targeted languages to suit different marketplaces.
● Offer 24/7 online service to provide customers with instant answers.
● Handle large amounts of customers' questions large amounts quickly.
● Promptly respond to customers with AI generated reply (well-organized and concise).

You can also download Tool4seller Mobile Apps to get instant customer message and reply them whenever and wherever you're to improve your customer service.


After reading this passage, have you understand the tips or strategies to boost your sales in 2024? Comment below what you think and any other way you believe will increase your Amazon sales. Don't forget to sign up Tool4seller and enjoy your 14-day free trial!