How to Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon, 2018 Latest Method for Seeking Buyers Who Have Given Negative Reviews on Amazon

In spite of the many differences of Amazon from other e-commerce platforms, it is just the same that buyers posting negative reviews will seriously affect sales volume. A listing starts to steadily deliver dozens of orders each day only after months of hard efforts, and yet an unexpected negative review tends to result in sharp drop in sales volume. A listing originally embracing hundreds of orders on a daily basis may suddenly suffer from less than twenty orders or even no order at all. I suppose sellers who have once received negative reviews all know such grieving feelings. Hence, we must timely deal with negative reviews, endeavoring to convince buyers to remove negative reviews. Some sellers may question here that they are prevented by Amazon from getting to know buyers’ contact methods. There are certainly solutions, which using our tool4seller software can solve easily. Let’s firstly learn about Amazon Rules for Sellers to Deal with Negative Reviews: I. No luring or threatening When dealing with negative reviews, Amazon sellers had better not make refunding a condition for changing or removing negative reviews. Sellers should pay attention that Amazon does not allow sellers to cause customers to change or remove reviews by means of luring or threatening. II. No contacting customers frequently It is indeed important to deal with negative reviews, but when contacting buyers who have given negative reviews to make alterations, Amazon sellers had better not send urging emails to customers on a daily basis if customers do not reply emails. If customers complain with Amazon, a seller’s account may incur punishment to the extent of account closedown. Amazon does not allow sellers to frequently contact customers for review or other matters. Amazon expects sellers not to harass customers. III. Think about how to communicate with customers After receiving negative reviews, a seller needs to firstly be aware that if negative reviews have not been given viciously, it means that customers are dissatisfied with the products or service. How to pacify their emotions and communicate with them is indeed a science. The only correct way of dealing with negative reviews is effective communication. Means of finding real emails of buyers who have given negative reviews on Amazon Here comes the matter concerning sellers the most. How to contact buyers now that Amazon refuses to provide even buyers’ contact methods? Black technology software used to abound which were able to link to buyer information by means of front-end codes. However, since Amazon has upgraded its encryption, such software has basically become invalid. The only method left is linking to buyer information through review-demanding emails. tool4seller is using this method. This article will provide screenshots of product demo from the official website so as to display the effect.
It should firstly be stressed that the precondition of finding buyers having given negative reviews is that an email requesting for reviews has been sent! tool4seller certainly supports the function of automatic review requesting. Whether or not emails requesting for reviews are sent through tool4seller, and whether or not buyers respond to such emails, the system is able to link to buyer information. tool4seller is powerful in that it can trace orders arising during the past two months and send emails by screening ASIN. The precondition having been introduced, let’s see how to find buyers who have given negative reviews. Its application is very simple. After entering the system, click the function of Match Reviews With Orders” in the column of “Alert & Notice”. Click the “Added Parent ASIN” tracing button at the upper right corner, and add commodities of which reviews need to be traced. After a commodity is added, the system will capture all reviews of it. After a while, click “View Details” to the right of the commodity, and all reviews can be seen. Click “View Details” corresponding to a specific review, and information such as order number, buyer name, buyer email, address and delivery mode can be seen. Now the seller can contact the buyer through the buyer email. When contacting the buyer, a seller needs to pay attention to contents forbidden by Amazon as mentioned above. Be as sincere as possible. Most consumers are generally reasonable. As long as you are willing to provide solutions that make sense, they will be willing to remove negative reviews.