Four Practical and Free Tools Recommended to Amazon Sellers in 2019

An Amazon seller has to be equipped with all-around skills. In order to sell better than others, besides selling superior commodities with nice service, a seller also has to do well in utilizing various Amazon operation tools. As the old saying goes, a handy tool makes a handy man. Good operation tools can improve efficiency. Well begun is half done. Five free operation tools most frequently used by Amazon sellers will be introduced as follows.

1. Google Trends (products selection):

Google Trends is a product research tool designed to select products and learn about products. By checking search times and change tendencies of keywords on Google, the overall trend and performance of an industry can be analyzed.

Meanwhile, this tool contributes to stock management. Sellers can learn about the low season and peak season of a product, so as to stock up as per situations in previous years.

2. Google Keyword Planner (Listing optimization):

Keyword optimization on Amazon is definitely necessary. Accordingly, we are required to learn about the most frequently searched words, the less frequently searched words, and the words with high conversion rates. As such, we need a keyword analytical tool.

Google keyword Planner happens to meet this requirement. It provides historical search data of Google search engine and enables users to see monthly search times of each keyword on Google at different locations. As the world’s largest search engine, Google can provide assistance and reference to Amazon sellers for determining keywords and hence is a very practical keyword research tool.

It needs to be pointed out that when using keyword Planner for the first time, one needs to register a Google Adwords account. Meanwhile, it is limited to keywords once searched on Google. Free accounts do not display accurate search data nowadays, and hence are slightly deficient in terms of information completeness.

3. FBA Calculator (expense calculation):

It is a built-in calculator tool at the back end of Amazon sellers. It is probably the most frequently used tool among sellers at home and abroad, since it can rapidly and easily calculate costs and profits of FBA commodities.

4. tool4seller (comprehensive):

It is a conscientious Amazon seller tool. Even the free trial offers 2000 review-demanding emails, which knows no parallel. It features complete functions (including store analysis, asin detective,practical operation tool and notice alerting functions) and concise interface. Even free-version accounts are equipped with most of the functions at certain quotas, including automatic review demanding and VP review analysis. Moreover, the recently renewed asin detective is capable of detecting competitive’s moves, which ability has become seller’s daily essential work.