How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

V. How to deal with listing hijacking?

We know that listing hijacking is permitted! But when someone, knowing that their products are different from yours, still hijack your product, it is malicious.
So how to get rid of listing hijacking?

1. Contact the hijacker, and ask for the removal of the listing hijacking.

Try fair means before resorting to force. Send an email to the hijacker first, tell him or her that your products are different, and ask for a stop of the listing hijacking.

The key points of the communication:

  • You are the owner of the brand, and ask the hijacker to stop sale.
  • Emphasize that the hijacker has violated the rules of the listing hijacking of Amazon.
  • Reaffirm that the hijacker should cancel the listing hijacking within a specified time; otherwise the consequences will be on their own account.

The specific methods to contact the hijacker:

Click on the name of the hijacker’s store (you can see all the information about the hijacker on the page below)

In the upper right corner, you can see “ask a question”. Click here to contact the hijacker.

Of course, such emails will be ignored if the hijacker is tough. He or she may even threaten you in turn. At this time, we must keep calm.

3. Adjust the price

When your listing is hijacked, be aware of the shopping cart being taken away by others. If the price of the hijacker is relatively low, you must also make corresponding adjustments based on his or her price. You have no choice but to lower the price, but it is worth to keep the shopping cart. Otherwise, your loss may be greater.

3. Make a test buy order

Make an order in the hijacker’s store, mainly to further confirm the difference between your products, and collect evidence, so that when you appeal to Amazon, you are justified.
Of course, there are many black-box operations, including deliberately exchanging others’ products into different ones, and then complaining to Amazon; my personal advice is to follow the product you got as it is, write down the details (packaging, color, size, weight, accessories, etc.), and carefully look into the differences.

4. Complain to Amazon

Talking about complaining to Amazon, there are also tactics. You can complain with the buyer’s account or with the hijacked account.

Complain with the buyer’s account:

When you receive the product and find there are indeed discrepancies from the descriptions, you can complain to Amazon that the product you got is fake or inconsistent with the descriptions, and wait for Amazon’s judgment.

Complain with the hijacked account:

  • After complaining with the buyer’s account, you need to sort out the collected information, and of course, the more comprehensive, the better.
  • Your brand registration information
  • The details you communicate with the hijacker
  • The product information and specific photos (seller ID)
  • The product details of your own product (pointing out the differences)
  • The order number of the test buy
  • The negative reviews from the customers

To submit the complaint application, follow the two methods below:

  • Complain by opening a case, and report the situation to Amazon through “Report a Violation”.
  • Complain through “Report Infringement”.

To complain through “Report Infringement”, please follow the instructions here:

First, go to the complaint page through this entrance:

Then, follow the process below:

However, this method cannot guarantee you a 100% successful complaint. It’s best to submit the complaint application in multiple ways.

VI. How to reasonably hijack a listing?

If you want to hijack a listing, please be careful. Pay attention to the details below.

Before the listing hijacking:

Do not hijack products with world-renowned brands if you do not have their authorization.
Try to hijack products with no brand.
Check whether the product you want to hijack is registered or patented on the trademark website.
Check carefully at the listing details page to see if there are any differences.If you only have one account, it’s not recommended to hijack listings. (no way to diversify the risk)
Try not to hijack the listing that has no hijackers.
Try to hijack best sellers

After the listing hijacking:

Keep an eye on the product details page of the hijacked listing to avoid the midway modification of the information, which leads to complaints due to wrong shipment.
When you receive a warning letter or information about authorization (which you do not have), please stop listing hijacking.


VII. Specific operation methods of the listing hijacking

1. Click the Sell On Amazon button below the shopping cart of the hijacked product.

2. Click the Add A Product button on Amazon backstage.

Enter the UPC, ASIN, or product titles in the search box to find the products you need to sell. Click the Sell Yours button to start the sale.

If you really want to run a business on Amazon well, listing hijacking is not necessary at all. Nothing is better than spending time and energy running your own products.
Hope you will never use or encounter the methods or dilemmas mentioned above. Harmony brings wealth!
Hope the sharing today can give you some inspiration.