Disabling Amazon Notification Emails

3-1024x576 Disabling Amazon Notification Emails

tool4seller accesses your Amazon reports in order to provide you with qualitative service. Every time a report is made available, Amazon reports this to you through their email notification system. If you want to stop receiving the emails, follow the directions below:

On your Seller Central go to Settings -> Notifications Preferences
1 Disabling Amazon Notification Emails

Scroll down to the Reports section and click Edit in the top right hand corner
2-1 Disabling Amazon Notification Emails

Remove the check box for Open Listings Report, as well as Order Fulfillment Report, Sold Listings Report, and Cancelled Listings Report.

NOTE: This will disable these options.

When you save this settings and wait a bit, you should stop getting those pesky emails. This is something Amazon did as a default, and since we have to run reports for our service to work, it will automatically default to send you emails. Disabling should take care of the issue.