Amazon Brutally Deleting Reviews, How Can New Listings Gain Reviews?

Recently, Amazon is deleting reviews in large-scale has frightened many sellers. Those who used to acquire reviews through a shortcut now totally have no idea how to promote their new products. As early as last year, Amazon pulled the plug on all the incentivized reviews, and rolled out their own version as Early Reviewer Program. Many sellers may not have a clear understanding of this official program till now, but it is worth a try since the blow is becoming stricter.

What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

Amazon’s Early Review Program (or Project Zebra) encourages customers who have already purchased a product to leave reviews and share their authentic experience about that product, which will help to acquire Amazon permitted reviews on products that have few or no reviews.

Buyers will receive a review request by e-mail from Amazon after purchasing products (as a seller, you need to enroll these products in the program first), and will receive a $1-$3 cashback as reward after leaving a review.

How to Participate in Early Reviewer Program?

At present, the Early Reviewer Program is only available to U.S. brand registered Amazon sellers. The entrance is [Advertising]>[Early Reviewer Program]on the Seller Central dashboard.

Which ASIN’s are eligible to be enrolled?

The product must have fewer than 5 reviews and must be priced above $15.00.

Early Reviewer Program reviews are marked with an orange badge “Early Reviewer Rewards”.

How are reviewers selected for this program?

Amazon wants authentic reviews, and wants them from all its customers, not just from the select few. Amazon picks customers at random from all customers who have purchased products participating in this program, as long as they have no history of abusive or dishonest reviews and meet Amazon eligibility criteria.

Not all buyers of participating products will receive reward offers to write a review. Trustworthy honest reviews are expected by Amazon to assist other buyers in choosing their products, rather than to encourage the purchase of these products by giving a reward for leaving a review.

Can sellers influence these reviews?

No. Only authentic reviews will be left on Amazon, which means that those reviews from Early Reviewer Program may not necessarily be positive.

$60 per Parent SKU; Amazon will continue to ask buyers who have placed orders for their reviews for up to one year, or until the enrollment has received 5 reviews through the program.

1. When will Amazon charge you?

The fees for ASIN in this program will be charged at the time of it has received the first review from Early Reviewer Program.

2. Where to check the payment records?

Details of fees named as Early Reviewer Program fee will be seen on the Account Statement in the Amazon seller central, once the fees have been charged.

Log in Seller Central > Reports > Payments > Transaction View to see the details.

3.Will there be a refund while failing to receive 5 reviews within the time limit (1 Year)?

No refund. Amazon won’t guarantee the reviews to be received for the participating products. Amazon charges fixed fees from each ASIN. You will be charged the $60 once an ASIN receives the first review, and until 5 reviews have been accumulated will the evaluation scheme be continued annually. No refund will be given even if you do not receive all 5 reviews after a year.

4.Can the ASINs be withdrawn from the program? No


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