A detailed explanation of the contrast and difference between feedback and review II

Relatively speaking, as long as sellers do well in business and play by rules on Amazon, the majority of feedback will remain positive, and the impact on account security will be less. Few buyers decide whether or not to purchase the item based on the number of seller feedback or star ratings of a store. But product review is quite different. If customers write bad reviews on the listings, the seller account will be downgraded by the Amazon system. Also, customers may hesitate to make a purchase or do not wish to buy if they see a listing filled with low star reviews.

Therefore, product review is much more critical than seller feedback throughout the entire Amazon operation process.

But it can’t be said that seller feedback is useless. For some sellers who want to participate in off-site LD, the number of seller feedbacks and star ratings still need to be taken into account. Many off-site promotion websites have made basic requirements for seller accounts that take part in the activity. Only those sellers that reach a certain number of feedbacks and start ratings can participate in the marketing campaigns in off-site promotion.

In the operation process, in addition to focusing on our seller feedback and product review, we can also apply them to product selection. Let’s take the US Marketplace for instance. The number of feedback in a store in the last 30 days is about 3~5 times than the current average quantity of daily orders of the store. In terms of product review, according to the proven experience, only every 130 orders can generate one real customer review.

If you take the above ratios as a reference, you can easily calculate the sales situation of a store or a listing. When the sales data of competitors become a relatively specific figure, you could have a clearer reference when choosing products to sell. Therefore, to some extent, the number of seller feedbacks and product reviews are the important indicators that sellers should use in the product selection process.