A detailed explanation of the contrast and difference between feedback and review I


Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Amazon constrains sellers through two evaluation systems, that is, seller feedback and product review. Only by providing customers with quality products and better services can they survive and develop steadily in the platform for a long term.

However, many sellers on Amazon are unclear about the contrast and difference between seller feedback and product review, and even get them confused. Inaccurate understanding or misinterpretation could possibly exert a negative impact on the operation strategy.

In this article, we will give a detailed explanation of the contrast and difference between feedback and review.

Feedback, usually known as seller feedback, refers to a review for seller left by the customer after purchasing an item in a store based on his or her shopping and user experience. The premise of seller feedback is that consumer must purchase the item in the store, and leave feedback through the order record page.

Review, also called product review, refers to a comment written by Amazon user for a product or a service based on his or her experience. According to the rules of Amazon, customers can leave a review on the product as long as they meet the eligibility requirements (Generally, it means customers must have spent at least $50 total on their account), regardless of whether they have purchased that product. (Of course, this is just the rules on the platform. But the current status is that the buyer account could be possibly banned to leave a review if it is detected by the system as having an illegal practice of brushing.

Through the above comparison, we can know that seller feedback is a consumer feedback on the seller to let other customers know about their experience after ordering an item. Because negative feedback is recorded in the seller performance, it will somewhat affect the security of a seller account; in contrast, review is for the product itself. If there are bad reviews or low star ratings on the listings, it will lead to a decrease in the purchase behavior of customers.