5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

Amazon starters seem to get confused all the time with the platform, sometimes they can even fall into lots of pitfalls.

If you want to earn your share of the cake Amazon offered, make sure to get all the five traps straight.


1.Amazon is just one of the online players

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Amazon is never just one of the online players, it’s “the king of online players”. Such as people plunging into Facebook to be social with each other or searching Google all the time for websites they need, Amazon is where they swarm into whenever they are thinking about shopping.

The king of online retailer earned its name according to the annual sales forecast of 10 million dollars. Amazon offers a full-service built-in trust system with all buyers’ purchase information. Amazon Prime members also enjoy a two-days fast delivery for all the Prime products. All these makes Amazon a must-developing platform for anyone who want to make a fortune through internet business.


2.It’s hard to sell on Amazon

Lots of us may considering packing and shipping goods all by sellers for internet business. However, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has already solved the problem for you. With this service purchased, Amazon takes care of the most parts in delivery and customer support, freeing the retailers or sellers from troubles and time-consuming works. You just need to click on delivery while Amazon will finish the rest for you.


3.You can’t succeed with a late start

I’ve seen many success stories of new Amazon sellers during my career, including some outstanding ones who managed to make over 10 thousand sales out of a zero start. Therefore, the truth is that you might have missed many shifts of Amazon cruises before, but there are still promising ones calling at the harbor, waiting for you to boarding.


4. No more cakes are left on Amazon

There are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon. Sounds intimidating enough before we give a second thought to its scale – a world-class internet business platform with over 1 billion products globally, 20 million on its North-American site and a month view of 175 million! So, don’t worry. There are always niches left for new Amazon starters.

Take last year’s “Cyber Monday “as an example. Amazon shipped 16 million units from third-party sellers then with a up to 50% growth compared to the year earlier. As there are no signs of slowing down, we will assume the number continue to grow on the “Black Friday “this year.


5. List your products and wait for orders

You learned to list your products, upload your descriptions, now you are waiting for orders. Well, you may need to wait long. Even you find your field on Amazon, that field will not bring you gold out of nowhere. Every marketing or optimizing step is crucial. For instance, listing itself plays an essential role in improving your search ranking, so a lot of sellers will apply optimizing tools when listing their products.

Amazon newbies will fall into the above traps easily. However, upon the golden ages of Amazon nowadays, the sellers on the right track are likely to enjoy a thriving blossom in the next few years as long as “the king” retains his strength and status.