correct way to launch your new product on amazon

why can’t the seller find the product after launching a new product?

Some Amazon sellers can’t find their product with ASIN after launching a new product. We will talk through this problem today and offer some solutions to it.   1. The new launched product shows listing active with inventory available in the seller central but can’t be found in the Amazon search results.   This mainly caused by an update delay of Amazon system. Especially when sellers have uploaded a new product or updated old listing successfully while can’t find the product or get the old listing information in the foreground. Please don’t worried or get nervous, wait for 15-30 minutes then refresh the page and you will find the updated result.   2. The product used to sell and rank …


amazon prime day activities

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Five Tips You Must Know

With Prime Day just around the corner, Amazon acts severely in managing and vetting all accounts, including blocking accounts that create illegal ASIN or manipulate a large number of reviews as well as identifying infringement for merging listings. The storm of cleaning is too violent for many Amazon sellers.   So, how should sellers react to this storm and adjust marketing strategies on the Prime Day this year? And how to preparing for the big promotion? Please check the following suggestions and find answers for the above questions.   1, Focus on product research and value both the sales and good comments   It is said that products eligible for Prime Day Deal are pre-selected by Amazon. For this reason, …