Why Amazon sellers can get an Order with 0$?


Why sellers on Amazon can get an order with 0$ without giving away free products?


This may happen when a buyer requires an exchange. Sometimes, customers may find out flaws or trivial details going wrong after receiving the products. As flaws not deemed as very big issue by customers, they would inform the seller to exchange a new one for them to try.


Of course, the buyer needs to return what they already got back to FBA warehouse. If, by any accident, the product wasn’t returned within 45 days, Amazon will compensate the charges of this deal. However, there may still exist some mistakes or compensation failures with so many goods going in and out the Amazon warehouse. To prevent from the above situation, sellers on Amazon need to keep record of the customer exchange history and check after 45 days in the backstage. You can contact Amazon customer service for compensation when finding out any late returns.


You can check business reports for any exchange updates.


Do Amazon Sellers Need to Pay for Exchanges?

Amazon offers a free exchange service. As sellers, you don’t need to pay for exchanges or receive extra exchange orders. The payment and charges remain the same as the original order.


After an exchange, customer may respond in two ways as follows:

1. Get satisfied with the new product and return the old one, which is a win-win ending.

2. Not satisfied with the new product. In this case, customers may return both products to Amazon FBA warehouse, which means a loss of the customer.


Therefore, it is extremely important to standardize the product production and avoid detail problems. Moreover, you can check the product before delivery if you get enough energy and time to pick out defective products in case any of them are shipped to customers.


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