New Sellers Guide:What To Do Next After Your Amazon Account Registration?

Recently, many sellers have registered seller accounts successfully, but according to the regulations that the selling privilege of a new account needs to be activated after January 1, 2020, it will take a while for the new account to be operated. But for new sellers, you are supposed to get well prepared for navigating the Amazon Seller Central.


For new sellers, what exactly should be prepared?


First, get familiar with the sections of Amazon Seller Central.


New sellers can pay attention to analyze and learn each function and make sure to study and analyze each icon in Amazon Seller Central. New sellers can search on the internet for basic operation in detail, which is quite helpful for new sellers.


In addition to the basics functions in seller central, new sellers also need to be particularly familiar with the methods of product launch, how to add a product and bulk upload many products.


For most sellers, they will eventually ship by Amazon FBA. In this case, we should try to get familiar with the process and details of FBA shipment.


Second,  to be aware of Amazon policies and regulations of the platform.


Many sellers always complain that their accounts are suspended. Why? This is because you are not familiar with the rules of the platform and violate the rules of the platform intentionally.


For sellers, the account is essential for operation. The performance depends on how hard you work. But if the account is suspended, your effort will be in vain. Therefore, new sellers can make full use of this period to get familiar with the rules and policies of the platform, such as indicators of seller performance, subdivision indicators of ODR, interpretation, and response of AZ, standard requirements and operational skills of email reply, etc. For more skills, such as how to avoid the risk of infringement, how to avoid abuse of variants and so on, these are the first lessons that sellers should learn. You may not have a good command of them right now, but when your account is suspended because of these problems, you will have to pay for it.


Third, select the right product.


The core of Amazon’s operation is product research. But how to select a product? Product selection methods, competitive product analysis, supplier selection, evaluation on product weight cost, etc., whether the desired categories need to be classified and audited, etc., these are the knowledge that we should make up for in the preparation stage of operation.


Four, prepare your listing.


Once the product is confirmed, it will be time to prepare the product listing, how to write the title, what are the keywords, how to make the product description more attractive, how to shoot photos with texture and beauty. Sellers can read more articles and take a look at the listing of competitive products.


Five, learn more.


In addition to the above suggestions, as a new seller, it is important to keep pace with learning more skills such as how to set up the coupons, how to deal with the negative reviews, how to build up the best-selling products,and so on. You can learn more details and read more articles from others. More articles from different perspectives on the same topic can be read and used in the operation.


Of course, there is certainly more to learn. But as long as you keep learning with an unrelenting attitude, you will find that your understanding of Amazon has improved and your skills and methods have enriched. Finally, you will be proficient in selling on Amazon.