How to Get More Amazon Reviews Legally in 2019?

According to the study, product reviews help you build consumer trust and improve listing exposure.

If you’re wondering what the best and Legal ways of getting more Amazon reviews are, then here are some ways to get more reviews.


1, Early reviewer plan.


It is suitable for new products, with a cost of USD 60/ASIN. Its preconditions are that there is a brand registry, its price is no less than USD 15, and the quantity of reviews is less than 5. This is currently the most legal way to get a review.


2, Amazon Vine Community


Amazon official community has been cracking down the websites which get positive reviews through discount. Such a community consists of Amazon-trusted reviewers, who can effectively control the false review.


3, After-sales mail


Develop a mail plan to send the corresponding subject mail during different periods after the buyer purchases, for example, notification mail after delivery of goods – confirmation mail after the arrival of goods – product use experience mail within several days. The time interval between them is determined by the seller according to the delivery speed. In this way, you can establish friendly communication with the buyers to lay the foundation for the products to obtain positive reviews. Be sure to pay attention to the wording. Amazon allows the sellers to communicate with the buyers via mail, but it is forbidden to claim for positive reviews.


4, Deals websites


The characteristics of such websites are that the sellers need to pay a certain fee and product discount to release on the website. The more popular the product is, the higher its rate of success for getting a review is, the shorter its waiting time is. Amazon has taken some actions in the review control, including the Vine community mentioned in the above second points. Amazon may halt such websites at any time in the future. The sellers are suggested to follow the formal channels, for fear of Amazon’s subsequent punishment.


5, Product optimization


Regardless of the means, if your product has a lot of flaws, any effort is in vain. The product is king. The sellers shall identify defects in the package according to reviews and complaints to improve your products, thereby increasing the buyers’ satisfaction and getting more and better reviews.


6, Influencer effect


You shall cooperate with the online influencers, who must fit for your products. The fans of online influencers have relatively-close hobbies. If your products are not within the category of their hobbies, there may be some conversions based on the online influencer effect, but such conversions are generally not high.

Besides, make full use of the resources of users who have left their feedbacks instead of reviews (as for such users, the effect of sending the review claim mail is good), and the way of placing a thank-you card in the goods parcel is also a means to effectively improve the review.


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