How Amazon sellers do short-form videos marketing?

Short-form videos have become the talk of content marketing over the past few years, but what exactly defines a short video? A short video is anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long, although six-second micro-videos have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

What can a short video show? It can show product production process; demonstrate product operation process, performance test and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different products; display product application scenarios etc..
Short videos can also be used to showcase many aspects of the product, such as telling the brand story of the product, reflect the emotions contained in the product, etc. and sellers can create various short videos based on their own needs and creativity.

With Instagram finally offering a complete In-App shopping experience,Amazon is also preparing to insert video ads into the Amazon app. If Amazon succeeds, short-form video ads could be the next opportunity for sellers to chase!


How should an Amazon seller do short-from video marketing? How to make short videos popular with customers?


1, Content and performance should be consistent with the products and the brand: the content of short videos should match characteristics of the product and conform to brand connotation of the product.

2.,According to study,53 percent of videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion.So if you want people to watch your videos, shorter is better.

3,Person are the key of the video, but the person who appear should be carefully selected: the short video is used to showcase operation process of the product, performance test and certain features, so, person should appear in the video as much as possible, because the viewer himself is a person. The interaction between characters and products appears in the video brings customers closer to the product and is more persuasive.

4, Localized dubbing: dubbing in the short video, if possible, it is better to use the voice of the characters in the video. Of course, additional dubbing is also available, but the dubbing shall be in the official language of the target market.

5,In particular, short video marketing on social media requires persistence and thereby to be gradually noticed and spread by consumers.

6,Actively interact with customers and reply to the comments.

In addition, regular data analysis, including the peak period of short video on demand, is necessary: which types of video are more popular, how customers evaluate short videos, etc., optimize short video according to the analysis results and thereby improve effect of the short video marketing.

In the era of short video, the short video marketing is a very effective marketing method that businesses can use. I hope that the short video usage methods and skills shared above will be helpful to you and give you a good marketing effect.