make good use of prime day traffic boost

What should We do after boosting sales on Amazon Prime Day?

Believe it or not, lots of Amazon seller did create a sale explosion with Prime Day. This traffic skyrocketing will last for almost two week,however,things will return to off season gradually at the end of July.In this case,many sellers decide to start their “vocation mode”. However your rivals may not own the holiday,they’re certainly ready to ride next sale wave! Therefore,what should we do after Amazon Prime Day?Sellers should make good use of the traffic and expression which is generated by Prime Day to drive more conversion in the future.We are going to share some tips for you:   1.Send your customized email to customers.   Review Request plays an important role in customer care.We should send a request review …


This is Where the Traffic of 90% of Your Amazon Orders Came From

This is Where the Traffic of 90% of Your Amazon Orders Came From Where would the traffics to your Amazon listings come from? Many people may give the following answers: 1. Traffic from keyword search result ranking; 2. Traffic from “Also bought” and “Also viewed” sections. 3. Traffic from Frequently Bought Together; 4. Traffic from Lightning Deals and Best Deals; 5. Traffic from outside of Amazon;