Beginner Sellers Must Add to Favorites—-A Collection of Amazon Nouns


Do you still vex at being incomprehensible to Amazon professional vocabularies? This article will analyze every type of Amazon related nouns in detail. The beginner sellers must not miss it!

SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

It refers to the quantity unit of stock in and out.

For e-commerce:

1. SKU is a type of commodity, each of which has a SKU for the e-commerce to conveniently distinguish goods.
2. One commodity with various colors will have many SKUs, for example, one clothes has red, white and blue colors, and then the SKU ID will be different. If ID is the same, it will cause confusion that wrong goods will be delivered.

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number

ASIN, a letter-number combination randomly generated by Amazon, is a special coded identification of Amazon commodities and each commodity has different identification.

KYC – Know your customer

KYC policy not only requires financial institutions to implement account real-name system to know the actual controller of the account and the real beneficiary of the transaction, but also needs to have a full understanding of the status, permanent address of the customer or the business an enterprise engages in and take corresponding measures, so as to know the legitimacy of the funds sources.

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA means all the high standard logistics services provided by Amazon, including storage, goods picking, package, delivery and return of goods.

UPC – universal production code

UPC is the earliest code applied in large scale, whose characteristics lie in that it is a code with fixed length and continuity. Currently it is mainly used in American and Canada; because of the extensive application, it is also called as omnipotent code. UPC code can only be indicated by number, so its code set is from 0-9.

GCID – Global Catalog Identifier

GCID is a brand identifier generated interiorly. When your brand is successfully put on file, Amazon will automatically allocate a unique GCID—16 characters with letters and numbers after you provide a key attribute. This GCID code will equal to the UPC code in each of your listing, and then your UPC code can be omitted.

ODR – Order Defect Rate

ODR is the percentage of receiving negative feedbacks, transaction guarantee claims of Amazon mall or the rejected orders of service credit cards. The objective is no more than 1%, which must be reached.


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