Amazon Competitor Analysis: Best Tools for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Competitor Analysis Best Tools for Amazon Sellers

Amazon has long been a goldmine for people looking to build successful businesses and become millionaires. Therefore, thousands of sellers pour into this platform everyday. To anyone who want to succeed on Amazon, conducting thorough competitor analysis is an indispensable piece of the puzzle. Keep reading our blog, and you are able to learn how to identify your competitors, what changes they makes in products and what they index in listing content.

How to find and identity your competitors on Amazon?

Everyone know that the competiton on Amazon is stiff and everyone wants to outrank their competitors and then achieve the final success. But do you really know who are exactly your competitors?
The simplest way to find your competitors is to open your own Amazon listing page. Scroll down to the "Frequently Bought Together" section and below parts to explore the products displayed.

Amazon frequently bought together

Another way is to start by entering a broad keyword related to your product idea and then obverse the search results.
If searching for tea cup, there are a variety of water bottles in different types. As you target a broader term, you'll encounter fierce competition, making it challenging to stand out.

Amazon broad keywords

However, as you narrow down your focus and delve into specific niches (long-tail, niched-down keywords), your direct competitors will gradually diminish.These remaining contenders are the ones that truly matter and deserve your undivided attention.
Now search for ''Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid''.

Amazon search term, long-tail keywords

Now the results display are only your top competitors. To analyze the competition effectively, it is essential to monitor the top 10 to 20 high-performing products on the first page. In the following passage, we will utilize tool4seller to help you analyze their daily changes and outrank them.

How to analyze your top competitors on Amazon?

After identifying main competitors, analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to gain a competitive edge. Learn from some successful examples, especially observe products outranking you on Amazon, and understand their tactics while also identifying market gaps and competitor shortcomings.

Discover the right keywords your Amazon competitors rank for

Maximizing product visibility on Amazon hinges on precise keyword targeting. Correctly chosen keywords can significantly boost impressions and sales potential. ASIN Keyword Insights can help sellers in this process. By inputting a competitor's ASIN, it will display the keywords that he/she is currently using and ranking for. It also tells you other important metrics like search volume, trends, competing ASINs and etc. You can easily discover the highly relevant and low competition keywords and add them to your Amazon product page titles, descriptions, and bullet points to improve your Amazon SEO ranking.

Amazon keyword research, ASIN Keyword Insights

Audit your competitors' product listing page on Amazon

To outrank your top competitors, you can examine your competitors' product listings to pinpoint potential weaknesses. Scrutinize elements like product titles, images, and reviews. Note any disparities in image quality, missing information, or lower ratings. Learn from competitors' optimization strategies to enhance your own Amazon listing. Evaluate title wording, descriptions, and image quality.

Product Title

Crafting an effective product title involves a dual purpose: introducing your product to customers and aiding search engines in categorizing it accurately. By examining competitor titles for inspiration, you can identify valuable keyword phrases and potential gaps in information. Enhance your title by considering what competitors might be missing, thus improving your chances of standing out in search results and captivating more customers from the outset.

Amazon product title from best sellers

Creating a distinct visual impact in Amazon's search results is crucial for your main image to stand out. Elevate your image by employing unique angles, vibrant lighting, and lifestyle settings that vividly illustrate your product's benefits. Craft infographics that succinctly convey key features, setting your listing apart with a compelling blend of quality and clarity.

Amzon high quality product image
Bullet points and description

Carefully view your competitors' bullet points and descriptions, and summarize what they emphasize and how they describe their products. A more easier way is to use ASIN keywords Insights which I said before (an alternative to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout) to find out the best-performing keywords. And then input them accordingly in tool4seller's AI Listing Generator. It will generate your bullet points and description in a compelling and attractive way to keep your information directly attract targeted customers. And this process takes less than 1 minute!

Amazon Listing Optimization AI Listing Generator
Reviews and ratings

Gaining insights into your competitors' businesses can be invaluable, and a direct route to this knowledge is by delving into their customer reviews. By analyzing these reviews, you'll unearth the reasons behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their products.
For example, one buyer found that the cup is not leak proof, spraying the liquid every time when opening the straw part.

Amazon customer reviews

You can seize this oversight as an opportunity and provide your product with leak proof. In essence, you present your product as a superior option than your competitors. Also highlight the features or qualities that your product possesses in your listing to establish your product as a better alternative. It can also directly appeal to potential customers seeking a solution to those pain points. You can download our chrome extension (tool4seller product research extension) or log in your account to use AI Review Insights. It will extract the detialed phrases which can summarize your competitors' cons. Therefore, you can easily know how to improvement without always reading the complete reviews.

AI Review Insights - Analyze reviews on Amazon

Keep an eye on your competitors' pricing changes

Pricing is an important factor to determine whether you can succeed on Amazon. If you and your competitors sell the same products, and both of your reviews are great, but his/her price is cheaper than yours. Guess which one will customers buy? Definitely the cheaper one! Therefore, it is essential for you to always monitor your competitors' prices and adjust yours accordingly. Here you can go for our competitor tracking tool. It can not only the product prices 24/7 but also promptly notify you other changes like features, promotion, search term, reviews and etc. These invaluable insights provide you with the ability to make quickest & best-informed choices for your Amazon business.

Final Thoughts

When selling on Amazon, it is inevitable to compete with other sellers. What you need to do is accurately target your top competitors and then utilize all the possible strategies to exceed them whether in image, keywords, reviews or other aspects. To make it better and easier, consider using tool4seller, the most professional digital Amazon seller tool, to empower your competitor edge and boost your business on this platform.
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