Amazon Best Sellers Rank: An Ultimate Guide To Improve Your BSR

Amazon Best Sellers Rank An Ultimate Guide To Improve Your BSR

Amazon, as the largest marketplace throughout the world, covers millions of products across various categories. In order to let customers find the best products, Amazon uses a ranking system called the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Every product that has made at least one sale is assigned a BSR, regardless of whether it's a best seller or not. Both customers and sellers attach great importance to this metric.
And in this passage, we’ll dive deep into the following aspects:

● What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?
● How is Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calcuated?
● What is A Good BSR on Amazon?
● How to Improve Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Best Sellers Rank (BSR) measures how well a product is selling compared to others in the same category.
The BSR is a dynamic metric that is updated frequently and can change hourly or daily, depending on the product's sales performance. A lower BSR indicates higher sales performance, with the top-selling product in a category having a BSR of 1.

How is Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calcuated?

Amazon determines its Best Seller Rankings (BSR) based on various factors:
● Sales volume over time
● Price changes
● Promotions
● Products of competitors
● Conversion rate
● Number of orders
It is noted that recent sales carrying more weight than older sales. The BSR is not influenced by page views or customer reviews, meaning it does not necessarily reflect product quality or customer opinions. Additionally, a product can have multiple BSR numbers if it falls under different categories. For instance, let's consider a smartphone. It may be ranked at #6 in the Electronics category and #3 in the Mobile Phones subcategory. However, its ranking in the Sports & Outdoors category could be much lower, perhaps at #985 or even not ranked at all.
Irrespective of the Amazon sites you use for selling, you can effectively monitor changes in your Best Seller Rank (BSR) by utilizing Tool4seller. It provides Amazon Best Seller Rank Tracker, enabling you to track fluctuations in your BSR.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

What is A Good BSR on Amazon?

Generally, a sales rank of 10,000 or lower is considered good, while a rank of 1,000 or lower is considered excellent. However, the specific definition of a "good" sales rank can vary depending on the category or niche. It's essential to consider the context and competition within a particular product category when assessing the significance of a sales rank.

How to Improve Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Improving BSR can be beneficial for increasing your product's visibility and sales on the platform. While the exact algorithm for calculating BSR is not publicly disclosed by Amazon, here are some strategies that can help improve your BSR:

Optimize Amazon Listing

If you find that your Amazon listing has a high BSR, indicating a lower rank and poor performance, it's essential to take steps to optimize it for better results. Start by analyzing your title, bullets, and product description to ensure they are compelling, accurate, and relevant to your target audience. Consider incorporating keywords that align with the shoppers' search queries and intend to enhance visibility. With tool4seller's ABA Search Terms Report, you can view each keyword's performance and easily explore the best one to make you stand out before your competitors.

Optimize Amazon Listing

Use High-quality Images

High-quality visuals are essential for a successful online business. Try to think that if you see a product with appealing photos or a product with an ambitigous (not good) photos. Which one will you choose? Absoulutely, the product with high-quality photos! Therefore, investing in professional product imagery, including photos from different angles and videos showcasing real-life usage, can significantly increase the chances of customers adding items to their carts and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Amazon Hilgh-quality Images

Utilize Amazon FBA and Prime

By utilizing FBA, you benefit from Amazon's trusted fulfillment service, which enhances your reputation as a seller. This reputation often leads to better performance compared to other sellers offering the same products. Moreover, Amazon gives preference to FBA sellers, allowing you to qualify for Prime eligibility. Prime is highly regarded by customers, and by offering it, your listings become more appealing to a wider customer base. This increased visibility and customer trust can drive higher sales, subsequently improving your BSR.

Keep Your Price Competitive

Creating an effective pricing strategy is essential to attract online shoppers. On Amazon, it's crucial to price your product competitively within the reasonable range to maintain visibility and win the Buy Box. You can use tool4seller's competitor trakcing to check the Buy Box prices and you may know how much to price your product can gain more sales. However, avoid undervaluing your product just to make sales, as profitability is vital for sustainable business growth. Competitive pricing not only influences sales performance but also helps you outshine competitors and secure more customers.

Keep Your Price Competitively

Get More Product Reviews

Positive reviews are essential for building trust and credibility with potential buyers. They increase your chances of ranking higher on relevant search queries. Therefore, encourage customers to leave reviews by providing excellent customer service, following up after purchases, and including inserts or emails requesting feedback. Taking advantage of tool4seller's email automation, which fully automates the review request process for you, and helps you save a lot of time and gain more reviews.


Mastering Amazon's Best Sellers Rank (BSR) opens the gateway to invaluable insights for your business and a competitive edge over others. Therefore, tool4seller is designed to help you complete the process. It can track each product's real-time BSR, discover the best performing keywords and track your competitior's changes in Buy Box price. All these are beneficial to improve your BSR. Sign up tool4seller and get 14-day free trial. You will get the most of tool4seller!


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