4 Ways to Optimize Your Product Description on Amazon

Descriptions are the five extended long descriptions of product bullet points.Even though descriptions are not weighted that much than title and bullet points, let along any grantees of it to be checked by every customer, Amazon sellers should take efforts in creating good descriptions as though these are to be read by majority of customers.


Please take the following steps for reference:


  • ▪ Upload YouTube videos to increase sales conversion.
  • ▪ Give notifications to reduce after-sale problems.
  • ▪ Explain highlighted features, especially descriptions of usage scenarios.
  • ▪ Instruction of products and accessories.


To sum up,no matter bullet points or descriptions, they are all belong to components of copywriting; and a good copywriting is always more focused on the readability rather than SEO searchability. Marketer should try to avoid conducting exaggerative or misleading descriptions but do it in an honest way.