Business Analytics

Here’s what you care about most – traffic, profits, inventory, rankings, listing hijacking,  cost breakdown, keyword research, etc. See all critical business data at a glance.

Product Trends

Track product daily changes - impressions, conversion rates, buy box percentage...

Amazon Seller Central is not intuitive. We will present you with visual graphs, track product performance and analyze sales trends to help you better understand your business. 

Sales Analysis

Real-time sales and profit calculation for Amazon bussiness. Know your true profitability.

  • Interactive charts and figures help you understand your sales and revenue data easier and faster
  • Reduce unnecessary costs with cost breakdown and increase profit margin.
Reimbursement Finder

Streamline your Amazon reimbursement process and get your money back.

If you’re an FBA seller, Amazon may owe you money for inventory mistakes. Tool4seller provides the easiest way to claim reimbursements. Automatically check the reasons for Amazon reimbursement and estimate how much Amazon owes you.

Keyword Research

Find the high-converting keywords for Amazon SEO or for PPC.

Tool4seller provides best seller rank and search volume of specific keywords. Help you find reverse-search competing ASINs. Uncover backend keywords, low-competition, and more.

Inventory and Hijacking Alerts

Protect your Amazon listings and win the buy box.

Monitor your inventory level to stay ahead of stockout. Set up alerts to protect your listings from being hijacked and know when a specific seller wins the Buy Box.

Manage your business at your fingertips

Keep track of important operation data of your Amazon business

  • Check real-time orders and sales at any time.
  • Easily increase work efficiency by visualized charts and accurate profit calculation.
  • Receive important business alerts and respond quickly.

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