Product tracking

Keep an eye on your Amazon competitors

Track the trends of competitors or your own ASIN on Amazon, including price, category rankings, keyword rankings, sales estimating, and every changes in the listing information, enabling you to have a in-depth understanding of competitors or your own products

Rank tracking

Find out the most popular items on the market

By tracking and recording the Best Sellers Rank, we can help you analyze the market performance of different categories and find the potential products to sell.

Rank tracking

Search result analysis

Analyze your competitors

Collect search results under specified keywords, analyze market life cycle, price positioning, monopoly situation, competitor strength and other data.

Rank tracking

Listing quality checking

Figure out the elements which you can optimise in your listings

Don't let any flaws or errors become the main reason of your poor listing performance. We find every shortcoming in your listings, and provide you with optimization tips based on excellent parameter indicators of listings.


Review Analysis

Search on hot sale compatible products' advantages and disadvantages. Develop popular styles.

Auto-get reviews from popular compatible products. Search on advantages and disadvantages of the product. Help you develop popular styles with large market needs and unique characteristics.

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