6.2 How to Use the Email Automation to Request Reviews?

Sending the request reviews can help you improve the after-sales service and reduce the number of negative reviews and feedback from your customers. Therefore using tool4seller Email Automation to get rid of heavy manual works and receive good reviews and feedback as many as possible. More importantly, you can save half time of daily work to focus on what can boost your sales.

The Email Automation has 6 modules: Plan List, Email Manager, Plan Effect, Blacklist, Setting, and Custom Names.

1. Plan List:

(1) Click Create Templates and fill in the information.

(Note: According to Amazon Policy, you can only send the request reviews or feedback email to your customers once. Therefore, if you want to get reviews from your customers, please remember to select the box written in The plan is an email plan to request reviews.)

(2) Select a template you want and start editing it.

(3) Edit your email and add an attachment.

(4) Set the sending time.

(5) Select the type of fulfillment and product.

(6) Click the Save button to complete.

2. Email Manager:

Manage and check the email status (Pending, Sent, Suspended, Bounced and Failed).

3. Plan Effect:

Tool4seller will track the reviews and feedback you sent and present you in a clear graph.

4. Blacklist:

Add the customers to whom you don’t want to send emails.

5. Setting:

Set up the email of your Amazon store name, daily email limit and others.

6. Custom Names:

Create an alias for your product to avoid long product titles and make it look natural in your content.

Requesting reviews can help you build up a good impression to attract more potential customers. A prompt and nice email can also help deal with the customer’s further needs and after-sales service before they leave negative reviews.

Tool4seller recommends you send email in a nice tone and shows you actually care about your customers and are willing to help with any problems as much as possible. In doing so, you will receive many five-star reviews and feedback.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.

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