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Zero commission! Help you get back the money that Amazon owes you!
As an FBA provider, Amazon handles all of your inventory. The items lost or damaged account for 1%-2% of your total sales. How can you recover these losses? Reimbursement Finder can help you get the money back effortlessly without any commission!
See what Amazon owes you at a glance

• Are you still paying the price for the errors? See how much Amazon owes you!

• Get reimbursed from Amazon for any lost or damaged FBA inventory

• The data is accurate and reliable, which comes from the official Amazon inventory report and reimbursement report

Professional reimbursement template Track the progress of every reimbursement claim

• Provide itemized details for reimbursements by SKU while differentiating related templates

• Simple to operate - copy the template and open a case in the Amazon Seller Central

• Fill the case ID and check the status of FBA reimbursement at any time

Q:Can I use this function for free?
A:After authorizing the store, you can see the amount reimbursed from Amazon through the free version. But for detailed reimbursement reports and templates, you can purchase the standard version of the store analytics package.
Q:Where does the data come from? Why is it inconsistent with the actual amount of reimbursement?
A:The data comes from Amazon's inventory report and reimbursement report. It syncs the data from past 45 days to 18 months in the first place. Please be patient and wait for the data to be generated. The data is an estimated amount. Since Amazon may adopt different methods, the specific amount is subject to the final reimbursement covered by Amazon.
Q:Does the software automatically help you get reimbursed from Amazon?
A:No, it doesn't. You need to click to copy the reimbursement template and go to the corresponding Amazon seller account for manual submission. After submitting the case, you can go back to the software and register the case ID, and we will track the status for you.
Q:How to know if you successfully get back the money from Amazon?
A:After you submit the case, the results will be usually available within 1-2 days, or it may appear in your account 5-10 business days after the reimbursement is approved. You can fill the case ID in the software to track the status of the reimbursement anytime. If you require the results urgently, it is advised that you check the status through the case page on the Seller Central.
Q:Does the software record the amount if the reimbursement fails?
A:If you have calculated and filled a case ID through tool4seller, the amount won’t be counted repeatedly. If not, you can click the "No Request for Reimbursement" button to manually exclude that amount.
Q:Is it possible to reimburse in bulk?
A:Only one SKU can be reimbursed in each case, and the total number of reimbursement requests cannot exceed 10 per day. As such, please make a reasonable arrangement for your requests to avoid any negative impacts on performance.
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