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Why Can’t You Find the Best Products to Sell?【Part III:tips】

When doing product research, we tend to think that it’s going to be harder to make sales if lots of people are selling similar hot products. But this misleading thought could usually lead to the fact that we have missed out on many opportunities.


In addition to competitor factors, what we mainly consider are the market capacity and product profitability. When there is a considerable demand for the product, it is possible that it could stand out in the fierce competition, provided that the increase in cost will not be much higher in the process of product update.

Also, we need to consider the following points when finding products that sell:


1,Shipping, choose smaller or lighter products.


2,Avoid choosing fragile products. Otherwise, you have to pay the extra cost of packaging materials to ensure product safety during transportation, followed by a great deal of after-sale problems.


3,Products that are easy to operate and use, without complicated after-sale services.


4,At least 50% of profit margin. You can compare the pricing with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon/eBay/wish, according to the price of the product you know.


5,Considering how to improve customer retention. The offerings of unique package or bespoke design services can increase brand identity for customers, and prevent competitors from piggybacking listings.


6,Seasonal products are not the only one in your online business. For example, lamps can only be auxiliary products.


As an Amazon seller, if the product meets the requirements for participating in LDs, you should choose the right products and take active part in this promotion. It is a great opportunity to increase product exposure and drive more conversions.


Furthermore, grasping user psychology to offer appropriate discounts is also an effective marketing idea to increase traffic.


The above is the introduction of some traffic portals and related suggestions within the Amazon platform. Whether it could help you improve conversion rate and boost sales, it actually depends on your product quality and long-term accumulation.