Why Can’t You Find the Best Products to Sell?【Part II:How to use Google trends to find hot selling products?】

Here is a basic and simple tool: Google Trends.


When judging whether a product is potential or not, the first tool I use is Google Trends, which is one of the tools I have used the most since I was engaged in e-commerce.


In order to verify whether there really is a market for the product, I generally use Google Trends to track for two to three weeks. If the search volume soars during this given time period, there must be a huge market for the product.


The source data of any product can reflect how large its market capacity is, and then let’s organize all useful information:

A high search volume means that the demand is huge.

A spike in search volume indicates a surge in demand.

This product will make me fascinated. Small in size, light in weight, value for money, it meets the characteristics of a hot selling product.

This product is novel and has a very large market.


In addition to finding products for your Amazon, Google Trends can also be used to discover what search terms and ad keywords people are using, which you can find them through customer needs.


Firstly, I would like to introduce three key settings on Google Trends:

The results may vary if you type different terms in your query. I have found several top selling products through this tool.


Where can I find hot selling products?

I would like to share some of the most popular websites/platforms that I usually follow.


1. Google trends

https://trends.google.com/trends/hottrends Google Trends

You can see popular products and topics across different countries and regions in real time. Also, you can be inspired or know which aspects people tend to spend money on the most.




A free keyword search tool, where you enter key products to learn about the search habits of each country after setting up a desired regions.




Trending Now in the upper right corner of the website is also a useful tool to discover hot spots and best-selling products. Ideal for searching smart electronic products.




You can refer to Walmart – Https://www.walmart.com/, and give extra attention towards its banner and Top Selling Pickup Products