The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part II】

4. I have created campaign, but I can’t get any orders. What is the reason?

The general result of advertising is to increase sales that are independent from natural traffic, but if your Listing has made in-station ad and still can’t get orders, you should consider the following factors:

(1) If  ad clicks are rarely, in this case, you should not be anxious even if no orders is generated, enough large data is foundation of the order, therefore, either observe it patiently or improve advertising bidding to increase AD clicks and then wait;.

(2) The listing optimization does not grasp the key points, or the Listing is not recognized by the system, the system cannot accurately determine or cannot match the appropriate display location. In this case, the advertising effect is inevitably poor. At this point, the work need to do includes optimizing Listing category selection, keywords in the title, the main images and other contents;

(3) High Listing price, small number of reviews, poor star rating: We should learn the thinking of horizontal comparison in the operation. We should compare our own listing with that of the competing peers. On the basis of the excellent performance of Listing, only when the product price is competitive and the product Review is good enough can the conversion rate of advertising be higher.

5. How to optimize the ads during the advertising process?

Only when the ad is optimized during the advertising operation, the effect of the ad may become better and better. The optimization based on the analysis of the data in the advertising process includes three aspects:

(1) Use advertising data to adjust your AD bids and budgets: Adjust around the four core variables of exposure, clicks, orders volume and ACOS.

The seller needs to optimize exposure, so that the advertising ACOS value can return to the reasonable range as far as possible.

(2) Keyword screening and new advertising plan building based on the advertising data report: In the process of advertising operation, the seller shall, through the analysis of advertising data, summarize the “three high” keywords (high exposure, high clicks and high conversion rate), and add them into your manual advertising plan, or separately create a new advertising plan, so as to maximize the advertising effect of these keywords.

(3) It is very necessary to add keywords in the later Amazon ad optimisation to increase exposure and reducing spend;

6. How to prevent malicious clicks during advertising operations?

If the system detects a large number of malicious clicks, the platform will return the costs incurred by these clicks to the seller. However, there will be some clicks that cannot be detected by the system, the most typical of which is the non-malicious clicks that cannot bring conversion when the competitors make market research and analysis. How to prevent such clicks? The most effective way is to use tool4seller Ad Scheduling feature.

The system will automatically synchronize all advertising activities except the archived ads.Amazon seller can set the start-end time for the ad group at a time when the competition is high or low, and maximize the return of the advertisement under a limited budget.

After this feature takes effect, ‘Amazon sellers no longer need to log into seller central to adjust ads campaign . The tool4seller system will automatically run and pause advertisements during the pre-set start-end time until you delete the daily start-end time plan for the campaign.