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Why Amazon Piggybacks on Your Listing and How to React?

Generally speaking, sellers will find their listing piggybacked by Amazon under the following three conditions: 1.A VC vendor authorized by Amazon is selling the same product. This happens rare in recent years and sellers don’t need to worry too much about it. 2.Amazon appreciate a certain listing and want to cooperate with the vendor. Under this circumstance, Amazon will contact with the vendor first to get permission on direct delivery to Amazon warehouse. And Amazon will sell under the same listing once the agreement is reached. Of course, normal sellers may not come across with that. 3.Amazon is piggybacking on your listing with “Amazon” or “Amazon warehouse” as the vendor. You will find this kind of piggybacking with goods in …


How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

V. How to deal with listing hijacking? We know that listing hijacking is permitted! But when someone, knowing that their products are different from yours, still hijack your product, it is malicious. So how to get rid of listing hijacking? 1. Contact the hijacker, and ask for the removal of the listing hijacking. Try fair means before resorting to force. Send an email to the hijacker first, tell him or her that your products are different, and ask for a stop of the listing hijacking. The key points of the communication: You are the owner of the brand, and ask the hijacker to stop sale. Emphasize that the hijacker has violated the rules of the listing hijacking of Amazon. Reaffirm …


How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

Part I Speaking of listing hijacking, many sellers are mixed with happiness and worries. He is very happy when he takes advantage of others’ traffics; but when competitors take advantage of his traffics in turn, he will be particularly depressed. Especially when he encounters the following tough hijackers, it really drives him to gnash the teeth in anger. Today, let’s have a deep talk on this topic. The main points of this article are as follows: 1. What is listing hijacking? 2. What are the merits and drawbacks of listing hijacking? 3. What are the requirements of listing hijacking? 4. How to deal with malicious listing hijacking? 5. How to prevent listing hijacking? 6. How to reasonably hijack a listing? …