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The advantages and disadvantages of FBA -Help for new sellers

The sellers are suggested to use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). FBA is the logistics service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, packaging, payment processing, delivery, customer service, and order return.   Let’s learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of FBA:   Advantages:   Compared to fulfillment by seller , FBA is favored by Amazon to receive the higher exposure and traffic, meaning more orders are possibly transacted. Recently-announced two-day delivery is converted into one-day delivery (currently it only supports the; Prime logo is more attractive to Amazon’s quality users – Amazon members; Increase chance of winning buy box; 24*7 order delivery; Intelligent warehouse management can shorten the delivery time; Negative feedback from FBA distribution can be submitted for deletion; …


correct way to launch your new product on amazon

why can’t the seller find the product after launching a new product?

Some Amazon sellers can’t find their product with ASIN after launching a new product. We will talk through this problem today and offer some solutions to it.   1. The new launched product shows listing active with inventory available in the seller central but can’t be found in the Amazon search results.   This mainly caused by an update delay of Amazon system. Especially when sellers have uploaded a new product or updated old listing successfully while can’t find the product or get the old listing information in the foreground. Please don’t worried or get nervous, wait for 15-30 minutes then refresh the page and you will find the updated result.   2. The product used to sell and rank …


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Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Five Tips You Must Know

With Prime Day just around the corner, Amazon acts severely in managing and vetting all accounts, including blocking accounts that create illegal ASIN or manipulate a large number of reviews as well as identifying infringement for merging listings. The storm of cleaning is too violent for many Amazon sellers.   So, how should sellers react to this storm and adjust marketing strategies on the Prime Day this year? And how to preparing for the big promotion? Please check the following suggestions and find answers for the above questions.   1, Focus on product research and value both the sales and good comments   It is said that products eligible for Prime Day Deal are pre-selected by Amazon. For this reason, …


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Why Can’t You Find the Best Products to Sell?【Part III:tips】

When doing product research, we tend to think that it’s going to be harder to make sales if lots of people are selling similar hot products. But this misleading thought could usually lead to the fact that we have missed out on many opportunities.   In addition to competitor factors, what we mainly consider are the market capacity and product profitability. When there is a considerable demand for the product, it is possible that it could stand out in the fierce competition, provided that the increase in cost will not be much higher in the process of product update. Also, we need to consider the following points when finding products that sell:   1,Shipping, choose smaller or lighter products.   …


Why Can’t You Find the Best Products to Sell?【Part II:How to use Google trends to find hot selling products?】

Here is a basic and simple tool: Google Trends.   When judging whether a product is potential or not, the first tool I use is Google Trends, which is one of the tools I have used the most since I was engaged in e-commerce.   In order to verify whether there really is a market for the product, I generally use Google Trends to track for two to three weeks. If the search volume soars during this given time period, there must be a huge market for the product.   The source data of any product can reflect how large its market capacity is, and then let’s organize all useful information: A high search volume means that the demand is …


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What is Amazon Lightning Deals and How to Run It?

Amazon Lightning Deals is tempting for both Amazon buyers and Amazon sellers while buyers can rely on it to find more preferential products and sellers can apply it to identify more potential consumers as well as increase their brand awareness.   So, how exactly could Amazon sellers to run this fabulous Lightning Deals? Please check more details in below:   What is a Lightning Deal?   A Lightning Deal is a promotion offered in a limited quantity for a short period of time,Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until either the promotion period for the deal expires or all the available inventory is claimed.   A Lightning Deal is a promotion offered in a limited quantity for a short period of time. Lightning Deals …


How Amazon Sellers Check and Analyze Reasons for Returns Systematically?

There are always some returns when you running business on Amazon. Sometimes, it is the product to be blamed, sometimes, it is the customers not being satisfied. While, the reasons we get from the return mails normally come as “Buyer Return” and “General Adjustment” which are obscure enough to hinder your judgement on the real causes, neither could you decide whether the returned goods are in good conditions for resale. Try follow the steps in below to know how can you check and analyze reasons for return systematically and understand the roots of problem before taking any actions to improve your product or listing.   1. Click on 【Fulfillment】 under 【Reports】;   2. Click on 【FBA customer returns】in the bottom …


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Why Can’t You Find the Best Products to Sell? I Have Summed Up Four Key Points about Choosing What to Sell on Amazon【Part I】

We often hear the saying, “To sell on Amazon successfully, 70% depends on what you sell and 30% is about how you operate.” So, selling the right products plays a big role in your success on Amazon, and the remaining factors are supply chain and operations. But all things are centered on choosing exactly what you sell.   Product research is a great challenge to your professional experience. For example: Ability to analyze data: Understand what consumers are concerned about in the market from the big data, and uncover other hidden business opportunities from keywords. Ability to integrate a variety of tools to choose products: For example, a combination of keyword tools and Amazon product selection tools. Ability to balance …


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How to Quickly Contact Amazon Brand Service Directly?

As new sellers swarming in, there are also a lot of sellers quitting. If you want to develop your business on Amazon in the long run, you need to consider registering your brand and building a flagship store. You may get some troubles after registering your brand. Here we offer some suggestions for you to contact Amazon brand service team. Please take the following steps for your reference:   1. Login in on Amazon brand service page: (please bookmark the link for future reference);   2. Click on 【Contact us】in the bottom of the webpage;   3. Enter your name, telephone, email, brand information and so on and click on 【Next】. 4. Enter registered email of your store, company …


Why Amazon sellers can get an Order with 0$?

Why sellers on Amazon can get an order with 0$ without giving away free products?   This may happen when a buyer requires an exchange. Sometimes, customers may find out flaws or trivial details going wrong after receiving the products. As flaws not deemed as very big issue by customers, they would inform the seller to exchange a new one for them to try.   Of course, the buyer needs to return what they already got back to FBA warehouse. If, by any accident, the product wasn’t returned within 45 days, Amazon will compensate the charges of this deal. However, there may still exist some mistakes or compensation failures with so many goods going in and out the Amazon warehouse. …