How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

Part I

Speaking of listing hijacking, many sellers are mixed with happiness and worries. He is very happy when he takes advantage of others’ traffics; but when competitors take advantage of his traffics in turn, he will be particularly depressed. Especially when he encounters the following tough hijackers, it really drives him to gnash the teeth in anger.

Today, let’s have a deep talk on this topic. The main points of this article are as follows:

1. What is listing hijacking?
2. What are the merits and drawbacks of listing hijacking?
3. What are the requirements of listing hijacking?
4. How to deal with malicious listing hijacking?
5. How to prevent listing hijacking?
6. How to reasonably hijack a listing?
7. What are the specific operation methods?


I. what is listing hijacking?

In short, listing hijacking is a way of selling products by sharing a listing. That is to share the same listing details page with other sellers when your product and the descriptions of the product are exactly the same with that created by others.

0-1-1024x499 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

II. The merits and drawbacks of listing hijacking

The merits of listing hijacking:

1. Saving time and effort when uploading products

The publishing process of the products to be hijacked is very simple. You don’t need to create the listing page at all, since others have already created one. The only thing you need to do is to set the price. Then you can sell the product on Amazon, so easy.

2. Obtaining traffics quickly

With the kind of listing that has a great amount of traffics and a good sales situation, it’s very helpful for you to write off sales. This means to take advantage of others’ traffics and take away the fruit of others’ business operation to boost your own sales. This is also the main reason why so many sellers prefer listing hijacking.

The drawbacks of listing hijacking:

The biggest drawback with listing hijacking is the serious price comparison, which leads to a vicious competition! Think about it. Multiple sellers sell their products with the same listing page. In order to be relatively competitive, price war is inevitable. Low prices continue to squeeze profits, and finally only buyers are happy.
Of course, there are also some very “unusual” hijackers who set the price very high. For example, the original product is sold at $40, but the hijackers set the price at $1000. The aim is to successfully attract the attention of customers, and hopefully they begin to pay attention to other products in their shop that are cost-effective.

000 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I


To sum up, the drawbacks of listing hijacking are mainly as follows:
  • Fierce price competition
  • Squeezed profits
  • Increased probability of receiving critical reviews
Risk of listing hijacking:

If you sell the same products with others, but the product details are not consistent with them, your account may be restricted or blocked once the authorized or brand registered sellers complain.

0000 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

III. The requirement of listing hijacking

In order to improve the customers’ shopping experience, Amazon allows listing hijacking.
If you want to sell the same products with others in a righteous way, you must meet this requirement: you must guarantee the descriptions on the listing page of the product are exactly the same with the one you want to hijack.

Including the following points:
1. The products of both sides should be exactly the same, including brand, pictures, title, color, parameters, material, packaging, etc.
2. If the product you sell is with the same brand with others, you need first obtain the brand authorization on this platform.
3. Even if the products are identical, you should also be aware of the infringement of intellectual property rights of other sellers, such as trademarks, patent and so on.


IV. How to prevent listing hijacking?

Nobody wants to hand over their own listing to others. They may seize your market, rip off your traffics, and eventually grab your shopping cart and the listing editing right.
But Amazon itself allows listing hijacking for sellers, so how to protect yourself? How to get more speaking right when it comes to listing hijackings? Preparations before selling the product are necessary.

1. File the brand

First, apply for the registration of the trademark in the area where your Amazon site is located.
With a successful application, the brand is filed on the Amazon platform, which means you have a “protective umbrella”.
But please be aware: with the brand filing, it does not mean there will be no listing hijacking. Some bold sellers still hijack your listing. But at this point, you are justified to complain to Amazon, because you are the seller whose brand is protected.

00 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

2. Improve the product details

Of course, the brand filing may take a long time. Before the successful brand filing or for the sellers who do not apply for brand protection, you can make some adjustments on product details.


You can sell multiple products which can differentiate yours with others’, so that others cannot hijack.
Add the logo of your product on the packaging picture. On the one hand, it reminds the hijackers that the details of your product are different. On the other hand, it also helps to appeal.
Design unique packaging for your own products. Though the products are the same, if the packaging is different, the hijackers have no justice on their side.

3. Join the AE project of Amazon

Amazon Exclusives is a project launched by Amazon in 2013. It mainly helps sellers with registered brands to promote their products, which gives sellers the advantages in brand protection, independent traffic entrance on homepage, and declaration priority of activities.
One of the great benefits of this project for sellers is that no sellers are allowed to hijack listings, which means you are strictly protected by Amazon.
But to be protected needs to pay a protection fee, an extra 5% commission. Let’s do our best.

Specific application process is as follows:
Go in from this entrance:

Follow the prompts:
Another way to apply is with the help of the investment manager, which saves time and effort.

4. Join the Transparency program

This is an anti-counterfeiting project that helps track inventory data from the manufacturer to the end user, primarily to distinguish whether the product is genuine or not, and to track the date and location of the item.
If you can apply for this program, you can protect your rights and interests by carrying out infringement claims and the identification of the product authenticity.
However, this program still follows an invitation system, with the first six months free.

5. Save the information of the listing page

Many sellers are not aware of this. Sometimes, it’s really helpless if the editing right of the listing page is taken away by the hijackers and the product classification is modified. In case of this situation, we need back up some files, especially the link to your product details page and the catalogue of your product.

5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

1-1 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

Amazon starters seem to get confused all the time with the platform, sometimes they can even fall into lots of pitfalls.

If you want to earn your share of the cake Amazon offered, make sure to get all the five traps straight.


1.Amazon is just one of the online players

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Amazon is never just one of the online players, it’s “the king of online players”. Such as people plunging into Facebook to be social with each other or searching Google all the time for websites they need, Amazon is where they swarm into whenever they are thinking about shopping.

The king of online retailer earned its name according to the annual sales forecast of 10 million dollars. Amazon offers a full-service built-in trust system with all buyers’ purchase information. Amazon Prime members also enjoy a two-days fast delivery for all the Prime products. All these makes Amazon a must-developing platform for anyone who want to make a fortune through internet business.

2-2-1024x669 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies


2.It’s hard to sell on Amazon

Lots of us may considering packing and shipping goods all by sellers for internet business. However, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has already solved the problem for you. With this service purchased, Amazon takes care of the most parts in delivery and customer support, freeing the retailers or sellers from troubles and time-consuming works. You just need to click on delivery while Amazon will finish the rest for you.


3.You can’t succeed with a late start

I’ve seen many success stories of new Amazon sellers during my career, including some outstanding ones who managed to make over 10 thousand sales out of a zero start. Therefore, the truth is that you might have missed many shifts of Amazon cruises before, but there are still promising ones calling at the harbor, waiting for you to boarding.

4-2 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies


4. No more cakes are left on Amazon

There are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon. Sounds intimidating enough before we give a second thought to its scale – a world-class internet business platform with over 1 billion products globally, 20 million on its North-American site and a month view of 175 million! So, don’t worry. There are always niches left for new Amazon starters.

Take last year’s “Cyber Monday “as an example. Amazon shipped 16 million units from third-party sellers then with a up to 50% growth compared to the year earlier. As there are no signs of slowing down, we will assume the number continue to grow on the “Black Friday “this year.


5. List your products and wait for orders

You learned to list your products, upload your descriptions, now you are waiting for orders. Well, you may need to wait long. Even you find your field on Amazon, that field will not bring you gold out of nowhere. Every marketing or optimizing step is crucial. For instance, listing itself plays an essential role in improving your search ranking, so a lot of sellers will apply optimizing tools when listing their products.

Amazon newbies will fall into the above traps easily. However, upon the golden ages of Amazon nowadays, the sellers on the right track are likely to enjoy a thriving blossom in the next few years as long as “the king” retains his strength and status.

3-1 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

How to maximize the benefits from Amazon’s three major AD types?

Amazon offers three ads options for vendors and sellers: Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Headline Search Ads. How to get the most out of these options?

In order to win the Buy Box and establish a brand, you should first be familiar with each type of advertisement and how to use it, whether you are through Seller Central, Vendor Central, or Vendor Express.


1, Product Display Ads

When you set up a display AD, you can choose to target a specific set of products. For example, if you’re selling five-blade razors, you can target other five-blade razors. This is a more targeted advertising approach, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

Interest-based advertising is much extensive. For example, you can target ads for men who want to shave. Your ads will show up to more users, but they won’t be converted to product-targeted ads.

So you can create two ads at the same time, one targeting specific products and another targeting buyer interest. You can then determine which produces the best return on investment. In this way, your display ads might appear on competitors’ product details page, usually under “other sellers on Amazon”.

1-7 How to maximize the benefits from Amazon's three major AD types?
Product ads can be served on competitors’ product pages. In this example, an ad for Braun razor appeared on the Philips Norelco product page.

Product display ads may also appear in search results, right AD bar or bottom of the page, as well as customer review pages and Amazon-generated marketing emails, such as follow-up and recommendations. Display ads can also appear on Amazon desktop and mobile websites and mobile apps.

As can be seen from the above, the advertiser cannot choose the exact position of the product display advertisement by himself. Ads can appear in several locations depending on the type of AD you choose.


2, Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products ads are keyword-driven through either “manual keyword targeting” or “automatic keyword targeting”, which has its own value respectively

Manual keyword targeting is similar to Google AdWords and other pay-per-click platforms. You can create a dedicated keyword list, determine the match type (extensive, phrase or precise) for each keyword, and set the bid. You can enter 000 keywords at most.

You can use Amazon’s campaign manager to monitor the effect of each keyword, adjust the bid, add and delete keywords.
Automatic targeting uses Amazon’s search shopping intelligence and search algorithms to help you find the best keywords for your ads series. This eliminates the need for manual targeting. You no longer need to control the bids for each keyword, just set the daily payout amount.

When you create sponsored product campaigns for new products, you usually start with automatic targeting. After four weeks, a search term report that is different from the regular search terms report in the Ad Manager will be generated in the ads reporting area.

This ads report provides specific keywords that consumers use to find products, and which keywords ultimately turn into sales. It will also tell you which ASIN content the customer is viewing when they click on your ads. These are high value information. You can use these keywords to optimize your product pages to generate more effective traffic.

Sponsored products usually appear in search results, on the right side of the column or at the top or bottom of the page. Sponsored Products are popular with all kinds of sellers. Such ads are easy to create and are usually approved within an hour.

2-6 How to maximize the benefits from Amazon's three major AD types?

3, Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are keyword driven and appear at the top of the search results page. These ads are available to vendors and third-party sellers.

The appeal of this kind of ads is its flexibility. Each ad can contain up to three products, but you can link your ads to your brand page, where lists all of your products. You can test multiple ads and determine which gets the best results; build a keyword list and choose a match type: phrase, precise or extensive. Then set bids for each keyword and track the results.

A few days after advertising, you should check the bids for each keyword and set the price of the estimated win rate.

Headline Search Ads are expensive and may cost a lot in a short period time according to experience. I mainly use this kind of ads for brand building and positioning the top funnel. So you should monitor the results every day.

The cost of Headline Search Ads is growing fast


Integration and optimization

No single ads type or optimization strategy can work independently. By integrating above three types of ads, I have achieved the best overall results in Amazon and got optimized product pages. Therefore, in order to maximize sales, it is necessary to work together and adopt a three-pronged approach.

Some of the ways Amazon can clear inventory while operating

I, Take full advantage of various promotions

1. Select your listings with higher number of reviews and better rating. These products can be promoted (or Lightning Deals) first in the station, you can bundle their own similar products, how to make a specific combination depends fully on your arrangement, however, you must analyze whether the product can be sold at present, don’t make the silly mistake of promoting summer items in winter or special holiday items at random.

01 Some of the ways Amazon can clear inventory while operating
2. Find the celebrities of Instagram and the celebrities of the corresponding categories. Give them unlimited codes.

3. You can put some of the products that is with relatively higher value and feel more popular in the discount website for promotion. The promotional price must have a big discount, and see if you can pull up the rankings. If you can’t post on a large website because of the limited quantity of feedback, find some third party websites.

4. Apply for LD.

5. Do not adjust the price of the products in the foreground page too low. It is better to use a discount to sell at a low price. According to many sellers, the lower price, the more difficult to sell out, of course, it depends on the product.

6. Go to ebay to post second-hand product information and sell it at half price. Then deliver the products through multiple FBA channels.

7. If you have Alibaba’s international platform account, release 5-10 batch orders. The price should be low, and deliver products through multiple FBA channels.

8. Send a message to the customers who have bought in the past, telling them to buy now at 50% discount.


II, Develop a sales plan

2-5 Some of the ways Amazon can clear inventory while operating
1. Organize promotion events to send gifts: sellers can use gifts to encourage consumers to register accounts, buy other products, or participate in your social media activities. This method is very effective for long-term sales, the seller is only at the expense of the present instant sales, but for the attention of more users and consumption in the future.

2. Highlight the product as a sales promotion: in fact, the nature is the same as the physical store, consumers will see a very eye-catching “SALE” POP when they enter the store. This can also be done on Amazon. The seller highlights the product as “ON SALE” or “SPECIALLY PRICED”. If sellers can catch the attention of consumers when they visit the website, then it will attract consumers stay and check out any product they are interested in.

3, bundled sales, present free of charge: the seller may have a slow-moving product no matter how hard the seller try to sell, and these products will eventually become unsold inventory, then the seller can use it as a bundle to save costs, presenting them as Gifts, as long as the consumer purchases a certain type of product and reach a certain amount, this product can be presented in bundle.

4, Exchange sales: when a product sales speed is slow as snail, the seller can look for other sellers, to see if there is a win-win method, if they are willing to exchange sales, in this case, you should promote this product as a new inventory to improve consumer interest.

5, Have a sense of urgency to sell old inventory: you should know how to mobilize the emotions of consumers, let them think that if they miss the opportunity this time, will not be able to buy such affordable products, use some LD activities or sales countdown promotion.

6, Extend the return period: In fact, the difference between the best-selling products and the slow-moving products is very small. Buyers want to have a longer period of return, so that they can feel more secure when shopping, and they can also make them happy shopping. Therefore, extending the return period is undoubtedly a very good choice.

7, Increase credits and rewards: you can use the product points system, each purchase of certain product will get the corresponding points, later you can use the points to exchange for some free products, and many consumers prefer this form.

8. Give the product as gifts to bloggers and invite them to write comments: sellers can give products to some popular bloggers and ask them to write product comments, you may feel loss in the moment, but in fact, it is all for the future.

9. Product presence: a product that stays in the inventory all the time will definitely be forgotten by people in the end. In order to maintain the presence of the product, sellers need to put the product in the best-selling section, which can also increase the exposure of the product and increase the probability of selling out.


III. Adjust operation strategy


1.You can consider finding a local offline wholesaler. If you have this resource, you can sell the slow-moving products to them at a discount, that is, you need to transfer it to a third-party warehouse, which is troublesome sometimes. But this can recover a little loss, and if sold offline, it is also helpful to the product brand.

2. All the promotions will definitely pursue the rankings. You can mix the ads and see if the data can be saved, if you can raise the rankings, you can reduce your loss a little bit by selling some on the platform.

3. Clear the inventory with the help of Amazon’s pilot program, which allows you to clear inventory through Amazon subsidiaries in Amazon US Operations Center. This option is particularly valuable when there is no alternative, because it can help us turn “dead” inventory into capital, recovering some of the cost of inventory and clearing the inventory so we don’t have to pay for long-term storage fees.

04 Some of the ways Amazon can clear inventory while operating

4. Make advantage of buy box to clear inventory. Buy box has always been regarded as the guarantee of sales. When you’re ready to clear your inventory, the product’s price is bound to drop dramatically. With a proven track record, you can be a strong competitor in buy box.

Skills for Amazon sellers: 5 tips to improve seller feedback rating

0 Skills for Amazon sellers: 5 tips to improve seller feedback rating

How important is Seller Feedback? Authoritative data show that 84% of people believe that reviews of online products are as reliable as personal recommendations!

Successful Amazon sellers treat “pleasing customers” as their core job. After that, more than half of the online sales work have been completed. But how to improve Seller Feedback Rating?


1. Make it clear what it means to please your customers


If you want to get more 5-stars feedbacks, you must figure out what to do first, and then practice repeatedly. Because winning customer satisfaction isn’t an overnight event — qualified Amazon sellers should focus on it as a priority.


2. Timely reply and problem solving

1-6 Skills for Amazon sellers: 5 tips to improve seller feedback rating

It’s so important to be “Timely”– there is no such thing as an “off day” or “holiday” when it comes to Amazon customer issues! “Customer satisfaction” is a top priority for Amazon and, naturally, for sellers. It doesn’t mean you have to get up at 3 a.m. to reply emails, but you must make a proper response within 24 hours!


3.Take the initiative to greet customers


Here’s a grim fact: customers are more likely to give feedback when the shopping experience is poor. Because “don’t play tricks” is the bottom line of online shoppers, once they are dissatisfied, they will feel uncomfortable unless after expressing their anger, and remind other buyers to guard against you.

So, what exactly should we do?

For those customers who are very satisfied with the product, you can take the initiative to ask them to leave a comment. If you want him to write a long compliment, you should take the time to email him specifically to request a comment, highlighting their concerns, such as style, size, and material, and induce them to write accordingly.


4. Be familiar with amazon’s review policy


You will never be able to please all buyers, so you will inevitably receive negative feedback. When it happens (and it will happen), don’t just feel helpless and helpless. Just keep your eyes open and see if the buyer has made a mistake.

First, you should check if the feedback conforms to Amazon’s guidelines — if not, you can contact Amazon to delete it.

Note: “seller feedback” should not contain anything about the product, but only about the services provided by the seller! If you find a customer mistakenly fill the product review in to the seller feedback field, you should contact Amazon to delete it.

Special reminder: Amazon advocates simple and clear, so a sentence “this is a product review, please remove it” is enough, do not equivocate or waffle.

It’s worth mentioning that the benefits of FBA are also vivid on the point of Seller feedback – Amazon will bear all disputes related to transportation and packaging. So you should pay more attention to the neutral and poor comments on transportation or packaging. Once you encounter such comments, contact Amazon to delete them quickly to avoid affecting your seller rating and product sales.


5. Communicate professionally

A negative review is not always entirely frustrating, and sometimes a negative review can help you discover your weaknesses and find room for improvement.

Contact unhappy buyers proactively and ask them what they are not satisfied with. Is it because delivery time one day later than expected? Or is the product inconsistent with the description? For whatever reason, communicate politely and professionally with them and try to restore their customer experience.

3-6-1024x684 Skills for Amazon sellers: 5 tips to improve seller feedback rating

Once you reverse the situation in this way, you should sincerely tell the customer that “customer service is important to us” and politely ask “whether you can consider deleting the feedback”. And tell the customer to refer to the tool template of tool4seller.

In order to ensure positive feedback and product reviews to increase steadily, you can build a manual or automated evaluation management system that can be used to automate evaluation management with tool4seller in the feedback and reviews category in the Amazon app store.

How to advertise on Amazon

Amazon Sponsored Ads searches keywords within buy information on to increase product exposure and clickthrough rate, and thereby increase conversion rates. Amazon’s in-site ads are auctioned by bidding, the winner should have the highest bids in the same category, and moreover, it is paid by clicks.

I. Where will ads appear?

1, Search results of Desktop search

Your ads will be placed on the last row of the category search results, as shown in the figure below.

1-5 How to advertise on Amazon

2. Browsing pages in Desktop browser

Your ads will be placed at the bottom of the category browsing page, in the sidebar, as shown in the figure below.

2-4 How to advertise on Amazon

3. Below the Product detail page.
Your ads will be placed below the relevant Product detail page.

3-5 How to advertise on Amazon

Besides, Amazon is constantly testing and looking for more advertising locations to help sellers achieve sales improvements. The read rate, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate for all ads are also available in Sellercentral support Reports > Advertising Reports.

II, how to launch in-site ads in Amazon?

1. Go to the Seller Center, Advertising> Campaign Manager, and click Create a campaign.

4-4 How to advertise on Amazon

2. After entering the Create a campaign page, follow the instructions to fill in the name of your campaign, your daily budget limit, and the starting date.

5-2 How to advertise on Amazon

3. Next, let’s go to the point and choose the way to get keywords. Amazon offers you two choices: Automatic targeting (automatically generated) and Manual targeting (manually entered).

6-2 How to advertise on Amazon

If there is no specific keyword you want to add, it is recommended to select Automatic targeting first. Just like literally, Amazon will help you to list all relevant search words directly based on your product. This method can quickly increase the click-through rate of your product.

4. Then, in order to establish the product you want to promote, you can create multiple Ad groups under a Campaign with different click budgets, the products in the same Ad group share keywords, so you can establish Ad groups according to the category. Follow the figure below, fill in the name of your group, the budget for each click, and select the product you want to advertise.

7-2-1024x589 How to advertise on Amazon

After you select products, Automatic targeting will help you find the keywords automatically, and you can save them directly.

If you choose Manual targeting, the Amazon suggested keywords will appear (as shown below), you can add them yourself.

After the Campaign is set up, it is available for buyers to click after one hour.

Please note that Buy Box in your listing is necessary to display your ads., and your ads cannot be displayed if the following warning appears.

8-1 How to advertise on Amazon

III. How to use Sponsor Ads to optimize your Listing?

It is recommended to use Automatic targeting first when making Amazon in-site ads for the first time to observe which keywords have the highest conversion rate (go to Reports > Advertising Reports). Because some words with high search rate are not converted into sales, they usually wastes the budget. So after the test, you can set up another Ad group with Management target, only add words with high conversion rates, and increase the bid click budget to achieve the best ads conversion effect.

In addition to advertising, many sellers often do not know how to fill in 250 words search term while creating a listing. In this case, you can use the Automatic targeting function of Sponsor Ads to get the keywords provided by Amazon and optimize your Listing.

What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list

Are Amazon operators busy every day?

Frankly, they can be busy or not.

As a boss, when you ask your Amazon operators what they do every day, your operators may answer you as follows:
“Every morning, I would check our sales volume and sales amount, reply the emails of the day, deal with disputes, follow up the negative reviews from customers, deal with FBA shipments, select some new products, check the CPC advertising, and finish Listing optimization.”

Such a seller seems to be very hard-working and very diligent, but actually, he is either smooth without breakthrough, or the shrinking into poor sales without any growth potential
What’s the problem?

The above work is really something that Amazon should do, but if we split these contents, you will find that they are hardly “routine” and “important”.

1, Check our sales volume and sales amount

This is naturally a daily concern. The reason why we “check” is to see some of the factors behind it: what factors caused the increase in sales? Can these factors be continued? Is the increase sustainable? If the sales volume drops, what is the cause? Is it accidental or unavoidable? What countermeasures should be formulated to deal with it? And so on. If you don’t think about these questions, your daily “check” is just “look”.

1-4-1024x468 What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list


2, Deal with emails and disputes

Although this is necessary for everyday operation, it does not happen every day. Even if you have an account with 500 orders daily averages, you may not have 5 emails a day, there are even fewer disputes, 5-10 minutes a day is enough to process such work, which is not a “daily” job at all.

5-1-1024x658 What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list


3, Follow up the negative reviews from customers

Similar to email processing and dispute handling, sellers generally have less negative reviews. If there are a large number of negative reviews to follow up every day, this account is basically scrapped. Strictly speaking, the platform does not advocate the seller to contact the buyer in order to change reviews. The seller’s contact is for the performance of the account and the listing, however, some customers are not willing to modify the reviews, and some of negative reviews encountered are malicious attacks of the competitors, therefore, while contacting customers to modify negative reviews, sellers may add some positive reviews in an appropriate manner.


4, Handle FBA shipments

FBA shipments for the general e-commerce team are relatively fixed. When the quantity is small, they will not be busy with the delivery of goods every day. When the quantity is large, there will be a fixed delivery personnel. Therefore, an operator should be liberated from the FBA shipments. If you turn an operator into a Packer, you can imagine its performance.

5, Select new products

Selecting new products is not a daily routine for many sellers. However, if a boss asks employees to “select and release no less than 10 products per day”, I can only say that blind and messy deployment is not the topic I want to discuss right now. For Amazon sellers, the quality of creation is the king.

6, Check CPC advertising

This is the closest to the routine that Amazon operators should do. However, there is a need for detailed indicators. If you just look at how much money has been spent without thinking about the factors and logic behind the data and do not think about the optimization and adjustment of the advertisement, then such inspection is also invalid.

3-4 What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list

7, Listing optimization

If an operator regards Listing optimization as his daily job, it is a huge mistake. Listing optimization should be rhythmic, and only be made at a certain point, and in many cases changes to the Listing can only be called “adjustments.” Every adjustment to the Listing will affect the weight of the Listing. The case when the weight develops better because of the adjustment can be called “optimization”, while the case when the weight develops in the wrong direction due to your adjustment can only be called “adjustment”. Specifically, A listing whose sales volume reaches sales expectations and stable will not be adjusted, unless the listing has serious parameter errors. It is only necessary to optimize a listing when it has no sales for a long time or the sales trend has dropped sharply. However, after each optimization, you need to have an observation period of at least 3-7 days instead of adjusting every day.

Since none of the above is completely counted as a daily job, what should an Amazon operator do?


Customer service: The mail reply, disputes handling, negative reviews contact and follow-up and other customer services mentioned above are all necessary. However, it is necessary to remind that the customer service seems to be passive work, but must be active when dealing with it, it is not difficult to serve a satisfied customer, the difficulty is how to make an unsatisfied customer satisfied. This includes both the attitude of communicating with the customer and the skills in communication. In short, during providing customer service, the seller must learn to put himself in another’s shoes. If you can’t satisfy yourself with your answers, you can’t satisfy your customers either, it should be reinstated. If you don’t know how to change your position, you can’t do customer service well.

2-3-1024x662 What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list


New product development: Product development means you have to look at the current situation of the market and predict market trends based on the analysis of the status quo. This analysis and forecasting does not mean that you have to choose a specific product, but new product development can cultivate sensitivity to the market, and at the same time, it is also possible to discover potential hit products.


PMC work: PMC refers to the follow-up and control of the production schedule in the production enterprise. Here, it refers to the FBA inventory sales assessment and FBA stocking delivery arrangements. An Amazon operator must arrange the delivery and delivery work according to the sales volume and inventory. Many sellers have ever experienced the embarrassing situation that the sales of the Listing created by hard work has been greatly reduced due to the out of stock. Therefore, it is very important to control the inventory according to the sales volume and arrange the delivery according to the delivery schedule.


Data analysis: Operator must learn to read data, traffic data, sales data, and advertising data. If you don’t pay attention to the traffic data, the operation will lose its foundation. If you don’t pay attention to the sales data, it will be insensitive to the changes in sales, if you don’t pay attention to advertising data, you will do not know the case of either extremely higher advertising input-output ratio, or ineffective advertisements.

4-3-1024x534 What should an amazon operator do every day? Please refer to this operations list

And most of all, you should pay enough attention to your competitors every day: as an Amazon operator, you must find 10-20 competitors for each listing, check and analyze the competitors’ Listing status every day, and compare the analyzed data with your own operation status. What about the sales of competitors? Compare with their own, whether our sales have increased, if not, why? Do competitors have advertising, what is the internal logic of the advertising, is it more reasonable than our advertising? What are the growth status and stars of competitors’ reviews? Are they superior or inferior compared with our reviews? Are the prices of competitors more competitive than ours? There are a lot of similar problems, if the seller can find problems in the comparison, think carefully about it and make corresponding improvement, they will find that their understanding of the operation has unwittingly increased several levels and feel comfortable and skilled in operations.

Of course, if an Amazon operator is serious about doing all of this, naturally there is no so-called leisure.
If you don’t believe it, give it a try.

Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

One product of yours, hypothetically, is ranked top 30 in the sub category and has 20 daily sales. You have already evaluated the sales volume on Best Seller. You also have known the sales expectation and profit margin. You have enough inventory, and you want to increase sales. What are you going to do?

Another hypothetical scenario : You also have another product. It is ranked around 260 on the sub category. The daily sales is around 10. The peak season of the product is over because the product meets intense competition and it is the seasonal product. But you still have quite a few inventory. What will you do then?

1 Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

The first product belongs to the small niche market . The daily sales is 20 with profit, but not much. Also, the ranking is not good or bad. However, the seller has over 2000 items in stock. It can take 3 months to sell out the items based on the current sales volume, which obviously is not what the seller wants. According to the turnover rate of capital, even if it is profitable, considering the capital cost, it is not commendable to spend 3 months in selling out the items. Thus, the seller’s idea is making an effort to increase the ranking, the sales, and the turnover rate of capital to make money as soon as possible.

But the sellers’ concern is the conversion rate is very high, approximately 25%, by looking into the store insights; unfortunately, the traffic is insufficient.

For a product, high turnover rate shows the product and the listing optimization have no issues. Ranked top 30 shows the product is overall competitive. The rest is how to solve the issue of the traffic. The sales volume and the ranking should be increased well if the traffic doubles.


But where does the traffic come from?

In term of the site traffic, it comes from four channels: Keyword traffic, Best Sellers Ranking traffic, Site ad views, and Relevance boosted from the sales ranking.

The high conversion rate means the listing and the keyword traffic are basically OK. In terms of the Best Sellers ranking, the product ranked 30 owns number 30’s traffic percentage. This ranking cannot be higher alone; it will not be higher until the sales ranking is higher. I confirmed by analysis that the seller’s advertising budget is a little low, only 10 USD per day. So my advice is: since the order conversion rate is so high, the sales can see the increase when the site advertising budget is higher to attract more ad views and orders. It is predictable that the increase of the seller’s advertising budget will bring more orders, then will increase 3 types: traffic, sales, and ranking.

2-1 Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

Of course, in terms of operations, it does not mean the more advertising delivery ensures more orders. I am confident about this because during the process of the evaluation, I compared the product with the same type of products from the competitors, and found that this seller’s price is incredibly competitive, almost the lowest in the top 50. The seller’s overall Listing is fairly good compared with the top 50, which does not have bad performance to make the conversation rate lower than the competitors’.

So I have the solution for the situation above: Maintain the current advertising bidding while doubling the advertising budget. The increasing orders brought by the advertising will make the Best Sellers ranking higher. Then lower the advertising bidding to save the budget when the Listing of the Best Sellers Ranking moves to the top 10. Of course the sales and ranking should stay at the same level; make sure the Listing maintains in the top 10. If the sellers can achieve this, the Listing being top 5 and the sales and profit being doubled are in sight.

In terms of the second scenario, the seller’s product is at the end of the seasonal sales period with much inventory. The seller’s price is $19.99 with 10% Coupons setting. Comparing with the counterparts, even though the seller has the loss with the price of $19.99, the same price of $19.99 or even lower are listed by others. Thus, this price is not obviously competitive. Although the Coupons setting makes the listing look more appealing than those who do not have Coupons, the Coupons’ explicit value is largely decreased due to the lack of competitiveness of the original price. At the same time, the seller’s every product in the store has advertising delivery, but each of them has very low budget. This way with very low advertising budget makes the conversation awful even though the clicks are full.

3-3 Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

My solution for this is: since the peak sales season is almost over, and the inventory needs to be cleared, we have to accept the lost of the sunk cost, which means to sell the goods out shortly even it has loss. On the other hand, why cannot transfer the Coupons capital, nearly $3.00, to the original price? The price is very competitive if it is taken off $3 USD. The seller gains the competitiveness while has the same earning without extra loss, why not?!

The final solution: Stop all the listings of the non-key products, and put the advertising budget to three key products. Cancel the Coupons setting at the same time, and take $3.00 off the original price. By this adjustment, the key clearance products have abundant advertising, and the overall advertising budget is saved. By canceling the Coupons, the price adjusted has exceptional competitiveness, and the sales can see good increase, so that the seller can clear the inventory, and possibly push this overstock product to become the best-seller.

4-1 Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

Many sellers understand that Amazon Lightning Deals (LD) is very popular among buyers. It can help sellers get more exposure, increase conversion rate and increase sales. Once again, it can help clean up redundant inventory and help sellers to get more revenue.


Then, how to participate in Lighting Deal?

Amazon charges a service fee for LD function, which is usually $150 for 4-6 hours. For the recommended listing, the seller can applied for this function from background.

1,Enter the LD dashboard from the ads pull-down menu in the seller central.

1-3-1024x357 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

2,After entering the Lightning Deals Dashboard, you can create LD for the recommended listing by yourself. As shown in the figure below, click on the recommended product “Advanced           Editing Interface” arbitrarily.

2-1024x576 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

3,Determine the details of the LD, select the time period and pictures for the LD, the most important and determine the LD price. Generally, there is a suggested LD price. The LD price we set can only be less than or equal to the recommended LD price, and then set number of products to participate in the LD, and the click to submit, waiting for scheduling of the LD.Observe the results of the scheduling and see what time it begins. If the time period is very poor, we need to cancel the LD in time.

3-1024x756 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

How to get an unrecommended listing to participate in an Amazon LD?

First of all, we need to understand that Amazon LD operates through recommendation system, recommendation requires certain qualifications. As far as I know, the first requirement is that the number of reviews of the listings is preferably more than 10; The second is that rating review score of the listing is preferably higher than 3.5; The third is that the delivery means must be FBA logistics. The fourth, it should also be noted that new stores without feedback are generally not recommended for LD, and the number of feedback should preferably be more than 5.

It is especially noticed that the data of Amazon often delays, and many listings that meet the above qualifications are still not recommended. We can use some skills to activate the listing LD recommendation. The method is as follows (USA site):

  1. 1. Enter the LD Dashboard from the Amazon seller central.

1-3-1024x357 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

  1. 2. After entering the LD interface, click the “See all recommendations” .

4-1024x565 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

  1. 3. Enter the corresponding interface, as shown below. Keep the content in the red box in the domain name field. Delete the part after “?”, and then add “/ product SKU”.

5-1024x417 How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

  1. 4. Refresh a few times, it can basically be activated, Almost all those meet the above four qualifications can be activated. After activation, you can apply LD yourself!

Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

In the process of listing optimization after new products are put on Amazon’s shelves, product description is the second most important content next to the title, and it is also the main reason for customers to know about the products and feel relieved to purchase. The quality of product description will affect the conversion rate. How do some big sellers write their product descriptions?

Product description is one of the factors that make sellers successful on Amazon platform. The product descriptions of all successful sellers will not deliberately exaggerate product functionality or utility for the sake of sales.

00-1 Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

This article will combine a few examples to illustrate what kind of listing copies are more popular with consumers, which copies have no practical effect, and which copies might get you a bad review:

Example 1: Description of a kettle

Unrecommended version: BESTSELLING WATER BOTTLE ON AMAZON! Awesome features make this the only water bottle you’ll ever need. Check out our reviews and see that this new water bottle beats all the others hands down!!

Recommended version: No-Dribble Mouthpiece Design: Unlike ordinary water bottles which aren’t constructed to fit your mouth, this [brand] bottle offers an ergonomically designed, no-dribble sipping spout for added comfort

We notice that in the first description, consumers can not get any details related to the kettle, only the seller’s enthusiasm. In the second description, simply one or two sentences can let consumers know what is unique about the kettle.

Product details are exactly what customers want to know when they buy a product, and you don’t want customers to turn to your competitors only because they can’t find any product details in your description, right?

To say the least, even if the customer buys your product, he will find it is not what he expected after he got it. He may return your product. What’s worse, a disappointed customer may leave a negative review, which is unfavorable for your subsequent sales.

1-2-1024x777 Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

Then, how do you avoid overstating in your product description?

1, it is recommended not to use the superlative form. When you describe a product as “the best”, “the most valuable”, or “the cutest”, you need to provide specific evidence, such as comments from third parties such as industry celebrities, web celebrities, or well-known customers. Otherwise, the customers will feel that you’re just bragging.
The relevant policy of Google Ad Words prohibits users from using the superlative form to promote their products or services. “In the absence of third-party recognition and support, users are prohibited from using superlative (‘ best ‘) and comparative (‘ better than ‘) descriptions in the promotion copy of landing page.
2. Reduce the use of exclamation marks. Many lazy sellers usually try to use exclamation marks to express their excitement, but for readers, it’s somewhat visual noise.
Don’t claim something impossible or false. For example, “you’ll shed pounds without playing or exercise”, “the blender that gives your vegetables four-star taste” and “a scent that no man can resist” and similar description. Some consumers will immediately recognize your exaggeration. Although some consumers may believe it, they will be disappointed when they get the product and you may suffer. When writing the product description, the seller should conform to the true situation of the product, and when describing the product effect, it is best to provide practical evidence.
4. Do not add too much emotional description. Most of the product description is given priority to the adjectives, except for words such as “minute”, “durable”, “soft”, and “contemporary” and similar words that help consumers understand features of the product, many sellers use meaningless exclamations such as “amazing”, “exciting”, and “fascinating”, but these words are useless for customers to understand your product.
At this point, some sellers will say that, the product description will appear very monotonous without these words and symbols, don’t worry.

Here are four ways to make your product descriptions alive:

1, Use sensory language. Sensory language here refers to visual, auditory, or tactile descriptive words. These words can stimulate the reader’s imagination, and of course it is better to add a touch of emotion. For example, you are selling plush toys. The seller might use “soft” or “cottony” to describe the soft texture. But you can try using “snuggly” instead. Does that make it more imaginative to snuggle with your doll, as if snuggling it was comforting?

As shown in the figure above, Patagonia shorts use words such as “comfortable against the skin” and “soft to the touch” instead of simply using “soft” or “comfortable” in the description to make customers feel comfortable even they have not got the product

2, Imaginative scenario. Describing product usage scenarios helps shoppers understand how to apply products in their lives. Assuming you’re selling an ergonomic stapler, you can tell the consumer that they will not feel tired even if they’re continuously stapling 100 copies of materials.

2-2 Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

As shown above, Moose jaw describes their ladies’ hoodies as “a cozy wrap for cool coffee mornings or heading to yoga at the downtown studio”.

3, Use unexpected vocabularies. Moose jaw describes the length of the hoodie in the figure above as “tunic length to cover your legging-bottomed tush” instead of directly saying a few inches below the waist. When describing the thickness of the jacket, it says “long sleeve to keep the goosebumps at bay” instead of directly saying “long-sleeved to keep you warm”. Besides this hoodie, the descriptions of other winter products on Moose are also very interesting, such as “ready to trap warm air next to your body”, “while it’s going to be useful you know,” and something like that.

4, Use the tone of communication. Try a conversation instead of a serious text format. You can use more informal languages such as “you” and “we” to convey your views in informal languages such as questions or short sentences. For instance, “You know how guests never know where to sit at dinner parties? Without kooky place cards, your shindig kicks off on a fun note”.

The sofa description of British e-commerce Loaf is like a talkative furniture salesman chatting with his customers, using “easy-peasy”, “No problem!” and “Call us to find out more” and other spoken expressions.

3-2 Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

As shown above, King Arthur Flour also took a nickname “Zo” for their high-end toaster.

4-2 Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

In this way, do you find that product descriptions can be as fresh as they are without exaggeration or exaggeration, and that they can provide your potential customers with the most authentic and reliable product information. You can try to write a product description copy step by step.


  • Recapitulative words or phrases make the description of the product clearer, and the following paragraphs can be used as supplements or explanations;
  • Check the words to confirm if there are repeated words, and if it can be replaced with other words, too many keywords is not very friendly to the SEO of listing;
  • Check spelling and grammar to avoid typos that seems very unprofessional;
  • You can also retouch it a bit after finishing a description, adding sentences that can initiate consumers to purchase desires;
  • Be concise and use the least vocabulary to express the meaning;
  • You can imitate but do not copy, if you do not know how to write a description, you can refer to the other seller’s description, rewrite, but do not copy them all, this will not be helpful for your product to attract customers.