Amazon VAT Transactions Report

How to Download Amazon VAT Transactions Report?

Before we learn how to download VAT Transactions Report, we need to figure out what Amazon VAT Transactions Report is.   The Amazon VAT Transactions Report contains relevant information for VAT on transactions that occur in VAT Services in Amazon-subscribed countries. … Sale: All transactions in which a buyer purchases goods from you. Return: All […]

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respond to amazon a2z

How to respond to Amazon A-to-z?

Many of Amazon sellers may come across with A-to-z, that is the refund guarantee service offered by Amazon to buyers, during operation. Some of you may get nervous whenever they find out an A-to-z request. After all, it might have impact on your ODR performance, or even get your account at stake of restriction if […]

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product description optimization

Let Your Product Do the Talking【Part four】

3 Ways to Enliven Your Product Descriptions 1,Use Sensory Language Sensory language refers to descriptions related to people’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. These kinds of words will motivate customers, better if added with a few emotional expressions. For example, sellers deal in stuffed toys often use the words”soft”or”cottony”to highlight the texture of the plush. […]

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