Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

0 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Everyone who operates store in Amazon will encounter a variety of problems, even some difficult problems, and often in midnight.

This is when we need to open a Case to communicate and solve the problem, because everything else (except operation method) should be subject to Amazon who has the final interpretation right.

The following problems can be solved by opening a Case:


1. Listing is changed by VC account

For example, the picture is changed, the title is changed, or something like that. Generally, you can open a Case at midnight to contact customer service to solve this kind of troublesome situation, and leave your phone number for Amazon to call over, and then ask the customer service to transfer the call to the Vendor central team.

Note that ordinary customer service cannot solve problems with VC accounts. Only the Vendor central team has this right. You can make a few more calls until the problem is solved and then close the case.


2. Tax issues

For example, questions about various recently updated policies, tax payment issues, etc.

Amazon will definitely give its customer service staff a little training before releasing the contents and notify them of the changes. Therefore, it is recommended to open a case and ask the customer service for advice instead of asking others.

666 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?


3. Abnormal condition of the system

For example, the situation when advertising fees are abnormally deducted, listing cannot be uploaded, and the front desk cannot browse his own products. Most of these unusual situations are due to failures in the background of the system. If you open a Case, you can ask customer service to help you solve it, contact the customer service to refund your advertising fee abnormally deducted, and ask to customer service refresh the abnormal page caused due to system reasons.


4. Listing crash

When the Amazon page crashes, the original contents of the page will not be available. The cause of your listing page crashing, in addition to the possible Amazon background error, may be that Amazon is checking your listing due to title image infringement or a security issue with your product.

There are many reasons for the crash. The solution is of course to open a case to ask customer service to understand the reason, it is the most important for you to find the targeted solutions to avoid blind and aimless actions.

3-11 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

5. A variety of complaints

No matter you complain others for listing hijacking, infringement and malicious comments to you, or you are complained unreasonably, you can open a Case directly.

It is easy to complain about others, just paste the evidence to explain the seriousness of the matter. If you are complained, you can, in the event that you have enough evidence, continue to complain until you succeed.

If you do violate the rules, you’d better admit your mistake and complain actively. At the same time, you should communicate with the complainant and solve the problem through negotiation. Amazon will inform you of the materials required for the complaint. If you are not sure, you can open a Case to ask customer service at any time.


6. Listing is merged by others

This situation is more direct and more resentful than listing modification. It can be divided into two situations. Merging the listing that abandoned by the others is the commonly used method in the field, but if you merge the links that others are just out of stock currently and still under operation, then that is another matter, it is equal to cutting off the financial path of others, however, such incidents happen frequently around us.

In this case, you must immediately open a Case, call directly, provide evidence, defend your rights, and complain against the malicious seller.


7. Various difficult problems

Sometimes the problems encountered by sellers are really rare in a decade. Instead of wasting time to ask others, it is better to open a Case and ask the customer service. If the customer service does not know, you can change to another customer service until the problem is solved.


Finally, let’s review the method of creating Case:

Step1: click Help in the upper right corner of the seller central;

00 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step2: The interface will pop up after clicking the Help, click Contact Us below;

01-1 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step3: Jump to this screen and click “Selling on Amazon“;

05 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step4: Choose the issues that suits you according to your own problem;


Step5: There are two options after selecting a path;

① E-mail: You can communicate with customer service via e-mail, but the customer service will reply after at least 2-3 hours, and it will take time to communicate. If it is a small problem that is easier to solve, you can choose this method.

08-1 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?


② Telephone: Fast, direct telephone communication, it is generally recommended.

07-1024x726 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

In general, most of the problems can be solved by creating Case, and those that cannot be solved are generally problems of operation direction.

6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

1-3 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon
From the perspective of the store:

In the Amazon platform, the importance of comments is obvious. A good feedback rating and sufficient feedback quantity represent the honor of the store, which is easier to gain the trust of customers and ensure the quality of customers. Moreover, it has a WOM effect.

From the perspective of buyers:

Most buyers will check the reviews before buying the products, compare the buyer’s reputation of similar products, therefore, true and effective reputation and a large number of 5-star reviews can make hesitant buyers determined to buy.

The dream is beautiful, but the reality is cruel:

It is not easy to get five-star reviews. So how do you get a five-star rating? Supreme conventional service, premium packaging, timely logistics delivery are not much to say, here I will sort out several ways that can bring five-star reviews.

I. Pre-sales evaluation

As a seller, it is more important to pay attention to how your Listing is efficiently converted to sales under huge traffic and exposure. The core of the conversion is: Product Review.
For this reason, it is generally recommended that you should conduct advertising and promotion after the number of listings page reviews reaches 15 and the star rating is above 4.8. And that’s what we call pre-sales evaluation.

2-3 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

Option 1: Free & Deals

The so-called Free & Deals means that the sellers find some real buyers who are willing to leave comments for you in the social platform, such as Facebook group, and they buy the product and you pay the full cost. This approach is relatively safe for promoting the BSR of Listing itself, but also be careful.


Option 2: Use discount codes for low price discounts and get reviews

Use discounts to promote consumption. But since 2018, Amazon began to warn against off-site promotions that offer discounts of more than 70% off, so sellers who take advantage of this method should be more careful.

4-4 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

Option 3: Non-verified purchase review

The so-called Non-Verified Purchase Review is to leave a review without purchasing the product. This is the most frequently used method in 2017. Although it can be used a little recently, it is relatively narrow in usability because the NVPR cannot affect the review star rating and the risk is much higher.

3-3-1024x683 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

II. After-sale evaluation

But more sellers prefer the after-sales evaluation to find real buyers, of course, they need real credit cards, real address, real buying habits, and they also need to be willing to cooperate with you to leave a real review. However, there’s only one place to find it, which is the order in seller’s Amazon backstage!


Option 1: Request Review Emails can improve review rate

Two data obtained from the survey on the BrightLocal website:

◆ 91% of consumers will read online customer reviews.

◆ 84% of people trust the online product reviews, the rate of which is comparable to acquaintance recommendation.

5-5-1024x766 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

Therefore, it is the most common practice for sellers to send emails and add some tricks in to the emails. For example:

1. Product use tips, maintenance precautions, and other “Additional value”;

2. Arouse customers’ reply through open questions;

3. Add a link to the product review page directly in the email, which will allow consumers to find the comment place faster.


Option 2: Little surprise

Unexpected surprises are also one way to help sellers get good reviews. Sellers can place some lovely and beautiful CARDS directly in the package of products. The cost of a card is not very big, but the customers will get very comfortable experience. You can also give some small gifts along with the products. These small gifts can encourage buyers to leave a five-star review.

6-1024x683 6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

Option 3: Objective reviews left by Professional reviewers

Sellers can also find professional reviewers to leave an objective review. The positive reviews displayed on the product description page can not only promote the transaction, but also guide the customer’s herd psychology subconsciously to leave similar positive reviews.

At the same time, comments of the professional reviewers are very valuable for reference and also very instructive, because they have their own blogs and have a lot of fans, these fans can also be of great help to traffic to the store and increase in sales when they see the products recommended by the professional reviewers.

Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller

All sales volumes come from traffic conversion, especially for Amazon. Optimization and promotion are key factors in determining sales volume. In fact, millions-level Amazon big sellers do not have any superpower that is different from ordinary people, but they know better than small and medium-sized sellers to develop channels and get traffic. We have integrated 6 major traffic sources to help you increase sales.

1-2 Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller


1. Listing optimization (external traffic driving)

Listing is the highest conversion factor and is a preference for sellers on Amazon. Listing can be understood as a shelf product from a popular perspective. It includes keywords, Search Terms, Bullet Points, product descriptions, and product reviews.

Keyword rankings determine Amazon lisiting traffic. When optimizing keywords, product keywords and category keywords are very important, because Amazon will import the seller’s products into a certain category ranking, and then automatically rank the products, so comprehensively optimizing product keywords + category keywords will bring very good effect.

How can you become a big seller with millions of sales if you don’t know where these channels are?


2. Sponsored Ads (external traffic driving)

Push Listing on the search results page, after purchasing keywords from Amazon, to drive sales. Amazon’s keyword is pay-per-click, each location has a different price, and reasonable purchase of keywords is a core element of profitability.


3. Search engine promotion (Drive traffic to Amazon)
In addition to traditional Google paid search ads, Google AdWords, Google shopping, Bing, Yahoo and local search engines. Reasonable keyword mix will have a multiplier effect.

2-11 Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller


4. Search engine promotion (Drive traffic to Amazon)


5. Drive traffic from Video websites

Compared with the simple graphic product introduction, video is a very expressive and powerful communication method. Websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and are all very popular video platforms. If you can integrate the product into the video and cause forwarding, it will definitely play a role.

4-3 Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller


6. Drive traffic from Social platforms

Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Quora are all have a lot of sticky users. If you can gather a group of loyal fans on these platforms and form leadership opinions, use new product LD and the first purchase cashback method to attract target audience and drive the traffic to your platforms, you can achieve better results, however, the steps 0 to 1 is a process that requires a lot of money. You can find a web celebrity to pay for promotion.

3-2 Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller


7. Drive traffic from Shopping guide websites

The shopping guide website is of course essential, taking full advantage of the following websites will multiply your sales volume.



Features: heavy traffic, large order, lasting long time

Specific conditions:

A. The number of store feedbacks is no less than 1000 (required)

B. The number of reviews for listing promoting is no less than 50 (non-essential conditions)

C. The score for Listing promoting is greater than or equal to 4.0 points (non-essential conditions)

D. Discount prices should be attractive (non-essential)



Features: Under the premise of effective coding Code, it is necessary to maintain the sustained existence of sales promotion and flexible operation.

Specific conditions:

A. The number of Amazon store feedbacks is no less than 1000 (required)

B. The number of reviews for listing promoting is no less than 20 (non-essential conditions)

C. The score for Listing promoting is greater than or equal to 4.0 points with excellent listing performance.

6. Drive traffic from Shopping guide websites



Features: Under the premise of effective coding Code and sustained existence of sales promotion, the traffic is high with slow ordering and longer lasting time based on different products, time periods and different sections.

Specific conditions:

A. The number of store feedbacks is no less than 1000

B. The number of reviews for listing promoting is no less than 15.

C. The score for Listing promoting is greater than or equal to 4.0 points

6. Drive traffic from Shopping guide websites

6 Six ways to drive more traffic to Amazon store, easily become a big seller



Specific conditions:

A. The number of store feedbacks is no less than 1000

B. The number of reviews for listing promoting is no less than 20

C. The score for Listing promoting is greater than or equal to 4.2 points

6. Drive traffic from Shopping guide websites


Kinja Deals

Specific conditions:

A. The number of store feedbacks is no less than 500.

B. The number of reviews for listing promoting is no less than 20

C. The score for Listing promoting is greater than or equal to 4.2 points

6. Drive traffic from Shopping guide websites


In the premise that everybody has equal ability and resource, traffic is an important factor in determining whether you are a big seller or a small or medium seller. The more traffic introduced, the higher the sales ranking, and then the more traffic, the number of reviews and conversion rate will increase, and thereby form a virtuous circle.

Why can’t you find your product? It’s important to sort out these three rankings.

Some sellers asked:

When I search with the core keyword, why can’t I find my items even after the search results page are all over?
I placed an in-station ad, but why can’t find my product after reading all the ads on my search results page?

I know that many sellers are trying very hard to find out where their products are, but they really can’t find them. Why does this happen? Whether a listing can be found and which page it locates is largely due to the weight of the Listing.

When it comes to the location and weight of the listing, we have to talk about the three rankings that sellers must be constantly concerned and targeted in the operation of Amazon: Keyword ranking, AD ranking and BSR ranking, they are also the most closely related to the operation of your store.

1-11-1024x237 Why can't you find your product? It's important to sort out these three rankings.


The keyword ranking is a relatively stable ranking, which appears on the search result page. When the buyer searches with a keyword, the position of your product in the search result page is the keyword ranking, this ranking will not change significantly due to price adjustments or sudden negative reviews as long as your sales and conversion rates don’t change much.

There are two main factors that affect keyword ranking: product sales volume and order conversion rate. Besides, Listing data such as number of visitors, number of favorites, and number of purchases can also influence the change in keyword rankings.

Keywords on the home page can bring more traffic and orders to the listing to a certain extent, but not every time when the keyword appears on the home page will result in more traffic and orders, because for Amazon sellers, there should be a lot of traffic portals that should be concerned. The keyword ranking is only one of these and is not the most important traffic portal. This is why many sellers spend money to push their keywords to the home page of search results but still do not have too many orders.

In short, don’t value the keyword rankings too much.

The seller who placed in-station ads, whether automatic targeting or manual targeting, will get an additional ranking for his Listing: Ad positions.

2-10 Why can't you find your product? It's important to sort out these three rankings.

There are two places in the ad positions: the search results page and the product details page. According to Amazon’s latest display position of amazon’s ads, the ads typically occupy three or four locations at the top, middle and bottom of the search results page, while on the product details page, the ads typically occupy two columns in each page, at the middle and bottom respectively.

The factors that affect the ad positions mainly include keyword bids at the time of ad placement and the relevance of keywords, Listing details, and corresponding category (i.e. keyword quality score related variables). If the keywords are strongly correlated with the Listing and the corresponding precise category, even if keyword bid is low, ad positions may also be higher; However, when an ad is at its normal operation, the keyword quality score that affects the ad position will vary with the change of the conversion rate, which will further affect the rise or fall of ad ranking.

Unlike keyword rankings and ad positions, which vary along with multiple variables, BSR rankings are most directly related to sales volume. The sales volume will directly affect the BSR rankings to a large extent. The ranking will be high as long as the sales volume is high enough. If the sales volume ranks the first in its class, then your Listing is the Best Seller of the BSR.

The three rankings, while different, interact with each other. When BSR ranking rises, Listing will get more natural traffic, and the more natural traffic, the more orders will be even if the conversion rate is relatively fixed, which will push up the BSR until it becomes Best Seller; In this process, the more orders, the higher the BSR ranking, the higher the conversion rate, which will affect the keyword quality score, and then the ad position will also rise if the ad keyword bid remains unchanged; If the BSR rises, the ad position rises, these will inevitably push up the keyword ranking. If a Listing stays at the position of Best Seller for a long time, the keyword ranking will basically go to first page of the search results, and the ad position will also rise to the top position under the moderate bid.

3-10 Why can't you find your product? It's important to sort out these three rankings.


And vice versa.

Therefore, the three rankings are never independent for us. We need to increase the weight of Listing we may promote within the scope of operation within our ability. Then, naturally, they will form a virtuous circle and promote each other’s rise. That’s the kind of thinking that we should have to operate Amazon store.

How to avoid Amazon’s long-term storage fees during the off-season when inventory is overstocked?

Have you noticed the notification about long-term storage fees in the Amazon’s backstage recently?The new policy has come, the FBA will check the inventory on the 15th of each month. Amazon will charge long-term storage fees for inventory that has been stored in the Amazon operations center in the United States for more than 365 days at a price of US$6.9 per cubic foot at that time. Moreover, these months are also the off-season of the platform sales when the sales volume has been affected, so what do we need to do about the overstocked inventory in Amazon? Or how to avoid long term storage fees?

How to determine the inventory to be paid for?

We can check which ASIN needs to pay long-term storage fee in the “Inventory Age” in the seller central, and you also can see storage time of each of your inventories in a very detailed manner: which are for 0-90 days; 91-180 days; 181-270 days … Access the buyer’s backstage inventory planning.

1-10 How to avoid Amazon's long-term storage fees during the off-season when inventory is overstocked?

2-9 How to avoid Amazon's long-term storage fees during the off-season when inventory is overstocked?

Amazon’s inventory is first in, first out!

We all know that the long-term storage fee is an extra charge from Amazon’s warehouse for monthly storage costs, which is charged when the inventory exceeds 365 days. So some friends may worry that, if I had 100 pieces of inventory a year ago, and then replenished 50 pieces after selling them for six months. When a customer place an order, will Amazon send out the inventory from the second batch 50 pieces when the first batch of 100 pieces has not been sold out, resulting in the first batch of items need to pay long-term storage fees! This concern is superfluous. Even if the operations center staff picks up and distributes the items that have recently arrived at the operations center, Amazon Logistics will still deduct the items from the earliest available inventory.

How to avoid the long term storage fee?

Remove inventory: Amazon charges $0.50 for each removal. The usual routine operation is to remove the inventory to the overseas warehouse, change the label of the item, re-prepare the listing and restock through FBA.

Select the item to be removed in the inventory interface, click Create removal order.

3-9 How to avoid Amazon's long-term storage fees during the off-season when inventory is overstocked?


Here is usually filled in overseas warehouse or the address you want to remove.

4-7-1024x385 How to avoid Amazon's long-term storage fees during the off-season when inventory is overstocked?


Inventory disposal: inventory disposal is often referred to as destruction. Amazon charges $0.15 per item for destruction, and no long-term storage fees are required for the completely destructed products. However, before the disposal, you should consider whether to completely abandon your product or change the label and continue to sell. After all, the destruction of the items means nothing left, which is a complete loss.

Clear inventory: Maybe many people think that there will be no long-term inventory if there is a reasonable stock. I don’t want to talk about this, because the overstock has become a fact. Let’s talk about the plan that can be implemented immediately.

We need to have the logic of clearing items. Before clearance, we need to analyze the reasons for the overstock of the items. Is it the problem of our operation or the product itself has no market? If it is the former, we should decisively clean up the backlog of inventory, and dispose those that cannot be cleared, otherwise, if the backlog of the inventory is due to the lack of traffic caused by the poor operation level, then we should increase the traffic. It doesn’t matter if we spend some money, or even lose some money. What we need is to convert the overstocked inventory into cash, losing less is win, this is my logic for clearance.

Off-site promotion: release to the off-site promotion platform after setting the discount coupon, make full use of the traffic from these platforms to generate purchases, remember setting a larger discount to smoothly clean up the inventory. If your inventory is huge, I It is recommended to access several off-site promotion websites at the same time, so that the clearance speed will be much faster.

On-site LD and advertising: slow-moving items are generally caused by lack of traffic, it is estimated that there is no major problems in selecting products, there will be a certain market, so, In-station lightning deals and advertising can also magnify traffic, but before these operations, we still Need to ensure that the listing details page quality is OK, and there are certain reviews, so that there will be better results.

Find people in Facebook group to clean up the inventory.

How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

It is estimated that the first reaction of the seller when he hears the word “brand registration” will ask: Isn’t this the Amazon brand registry? That is, when you get the certificate after registering the trademark, you can apply for the Amazon brand registry. After the brand is filed, the seller can apply for the GCID exemption, upload the listing without UPC or EAN code, and lodge a complaint righteously after listing hijacking, however, that’s not what the brand registration means here.


What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand registry can be understood as that the seller who has applied for brand registry can authorize third-party sellers to sell the products of his own brand through Amazon brand registration. Of course, it is OK if the third-party sellers want to buy products under your brand without registration, as long as the brand owner does not complain.

But there are always accidents. Let me tell you a painful lesson from my own experience. Once my store 1 applied for brand registry, my store 2 directly put the products of my store 1 brand on the shelves, the products appeared on the home page of the category and quantity of the orders was also guaranteed. But one day, Amazon suddenly removed my products from the shelves, and it was useless no matter how to appeal. At this time, we had to move the warehouse, change the label and put them on the shelves again.


Authorizing other stores through brand registration and allowing them to sell your brand’s products will not cause this problem. So how do you apply for brand registration?

The brand owner is required to perform Add a role in his seller background. The operation is as follows:


1. Go to and click on the top right corner of the page to log in as shown below.

1-9-1024x484 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

2. Choose a country, I take the United States as an example.

2-8 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

3. Fill in the basic information, complete the phone verification, get and fill in the verification code, and then click Create Account.

3-8 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

4. You may be confused after entering the background of brand registration— the interface is blank without any operation buttons. What? Don’t panic, click on “Help” in the top right corner.


5. After entering this interface, switch to English, click on Brand Registry Support at support point.

4-6 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

6. Enter the Contact Us Overview page and click “Brand Registry support team”.

5-4 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

7. Then enter the “Brand registry support” Open cases interface and “select update role or add new user to account” in the drop-down box of “update your brand profile”.

6-4 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

8. Then you will enter the following interface.

9-1-1024x638 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

Before filling in the content at the top of the interface, we need to pay attention: if you want to update the role for the user account of the brand in the brand registry, please use this form.

You must be the first person to register the brand or have been designated as the brand’s administrator to submit this request.


Select one or more roles to assign to each user account in Brand Registry.

1. Administrator: an individual with full authority to assign roles to user accounts.


2. Rights Holder: refers to the right holder or the employee who has the right to report infringement.


3. Registration agent: the third party authorized by the right holder to report the infringement.


Note: Each person must create a user account and accept the terms on, and then the administrator can assign a role to that user account.


When you add roles to a user account, existing roles previously assigned to that user account are deleted for that user account if they are not included in the list of roles that you assign to the user account. Once you delete a role, all existing roles previously assigned to the user account for that brand are deleted.


9. Then, how do you fill it out?

8-3 How does amazon store apply for Brand Registry?

Which would you like to do: Add, Update, or Remove a Brand Registry user account?

This is usually to add an account that requires authorization, and it is good to say that, if you do not want to authorize the account in the future, just remove it in Open cases here!

Enter the Email Address login of the Brand Registry user account: That is, enter your e-mail address.

Enter the brand(s) that this request pertains to: Enter the trademark name

Enter the role(s) that you would like the user account to have (Administrator, Rights Owner, or Registered Agent).

How to appeal an Amazon Seller suspension?

1-8 How to appeal an Amazon Seller suspension?

1. It is you who know best why the account was suspended. It can be summarized as follows:

Poor account performance (some customer metrics for your account, such as order defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate, etc. did not meet Amazon’s requirements.)

Violate the sales policy of Amazon (selling counterfeit goods, selling fake goods, and uploading products seriously violate the rules and ignore the requirements of the platform. When the multi-account operation within the same site is associated, the sales permission of one account is removed and other accounts will also have problems).

Sell products that are prohibited by the platform

There’s a reason to close your account except for the occasional mistake of the Amazon system, so don’t ask your investment manager why close your account with an innocent look.

Make sure you know the difference between them before writing a complaint!

2. Amazon algorithm has the capacity to either capture the current mistakes or check the history.

The Flywheel theory, summarized in its famous corporate culture, shows that any experience that leads to customer dissatisfaction can be the reason for penalizing sellers.


3. The content of the e-mail appeal should be sincere and objective. Use three-paragraph structure, including the attitude of identifying problems, formulating action plans, and preventing mistakes, the attitude is very important. When sellers should not express personal anger while using written language to express their anger.

Find out the direct reason for account suspended, analyze the cause, analyze the factors leading to customer dissatisfaction, provide details and accurate data as far as possible, and do not mention the reasons unrelated to account suspended.

The seller should develop an effective improvement plan to make sure nothing similar happens in the future. This plan should be as detailed as possible, as well as targeted and operability. Do not arbitrarily apply the template.

Moreover, the seller should mention the expectation of account unfreezing and submit the corresponding store development plan. Language expression should conform to the official mail language expression habits.

4. Send the content of your appeal to Amazon

Log in to the seller account background, click Performance Notifications in the Performance button, find the notification email about your sales permission removed, open the email, click on Appeal button, click the Appeal decision button, and write your remedial action plan, click Submit to send the content of your appeal to Amazon’s Seller Performance for evaluation. Seller Performance will decide whether to restore your Amazon account seller permissions based on the content of your appeal and the severity of the removal of this sales right.


5. Keep an eye on your Email and background Notification

Amazon will reply to you within 48 hours, during this period of time, the seller must pay attention to the email reminder, Amazon may ask the seller to supplement the information on the restoration of your account.


6. Provide relevant materials as required by Amazon (providing your purchase invoice, this is very important).

How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

V. How to deal with listing hijacking?

We know that listing hijacking is permitted! But when someone, knowing that their products are different from yours, still hijack your product, it is malicious.
So how to get rid of listing hijacking?

1. Contact the hijacker, and ask for the removal of the listing hijacking.

Try fair means before resorting to force. Send an email to the hijacker first, tell him or her that your products are different, and ask for a stop of the listing hijacking.

The key points of the communication:

  • You are the owner of the brand, and ask the hijacker to stop sale.
  • Emphasize that the hijacker has violated the rules of the listing hijacking of Amazon.
  • Reaffirm that the hijacker should cancel the listing hijacking within a specified time; otherwise the consequences will be on their own account.

The specific methods to contact the hijacker:

2-7 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

Click on the name of the hijacker’s store (you can see all the information about the hijacker on the page below)

3-7 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II
In the upper right corner, you can see “ask a question”. Click here to contact the hijacker.

4-5 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

Of course, such emails will be ignored if the hijacker is tough. He or she may even threaten you in turn. At this time, we must keep calm.

3. Adjust the price

When your listing is hijacked, be aware of the shopping cart being taken away by others. If the price of the hijacker is relatively low, you must also make corresponding adjustments based on his or her price. You have no choice but to lower the price, but it is worth to keep the shopping cart. Otherwise, your loss may be greater.

3. Make a test buy order

Make an order in the hijacker’s store, mainly to further confirm the difference between your products, and collect evidence, so that when you appeal to Amazon, you are justified.
Of course, there are many black-box operations, including deliberately exchanging others’ products into different ones, and then complaining to Amazon; my personal advice is to follow the product you got as it is, write down the details (packaging, color, size, weight, accessories, etc.), and carefully look into the differences.

4. Complain to Amazon

Talking about complaining to Amazon, there are also tactics. You can complain with the buyer’s account or with the hijacked account.

Complain with the buyer’s account:

When you receive the product and find there are indeed discrepancies from the descriptions, you can complain to Amazon that the product you got is fake or inconsistent with the descriptions, and wait for Amazon’s judgment.

Complain with the hijacked account:

  • After complaining with the buyer’s account, you need to sort out the collected information, and of course, the more comprehensive, the better.
  • Your brand registration information
  • The details you communicate with the hijacker
  • The product information and specific photos (seller ID)
  • The product details of your own product (pointing out the differences)
  • The order number of the test buy
  • The negative reviews from the customers

To submit the complaint application, follow the two methods below:

  • Complain by opening a case, and report the situation to Amazon through “Report a Violation”.
  • Complain through “Report Infringement”.

To complain through “Report Infringement”, please follow the instructions here:

First, go to the complaint page through this entrance:

Then, follow the process below:

5-3-1024x566 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

6-3-1024x355 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

7-3-1024x153 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

8-2 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

08 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II
However, this method cannot guarantee you a 100% successful complaint. It’s best to submit the complaint application in multiple ways.

VI. How to reasonably hijack a listing?

If you want to hijack a listing, please be careful. Pay attention to the details below.

Before the listing hijacking:

Do not hijack products with world-renowned brands if you do not have their authorization.
Try to hijack products with no brand.
Check whether the product you want to hijack is registered or patented on the trademark website.
Check carefully at the listing details page to see if there are any differences.If you only have one account, it’s not recommended to hijack listings. (no way to diversify the risk)
Try not to hijack the listing that has no hijackers.
Try to hijack best sellers

After the listing hijacking:

Keep an eye on the product details page of the hijacked listing to avoid the midway modification of the information, which leads to complaints due to wrong shipment.
When you receive a warning letter or information about authorization (which you do not have), please stop listing hijacking.


VII. Specific operation methods of the listing hijacking

1. Click the Sell On Amazon button below the shopping cart of the hijacked product.

09 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II
2. Click the Add A Product button on Amazon backstage.

Enter the UPC, ASIN, or product titles in the search box to find the products you need to sell. Click the Sell Yours button to start the sale.

10-1-1024x754 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part II

If you really want to run a business on Amazon well, listing hijacking is not necessary at all. Nothing is better than spending time and energy running your own products.
Hope you will never use or encounter the methods or dilemmas mentioned above. Harmony brings wealth!
Hope the sharing today can give you some inspiration.

How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

Part I

Speaking of listing hijacking, many sellers are mixed with happiness and worries. He is very happy when he takes advantage of others’ traffics; but when competitors take advantage of his traffics in turn, he will be particularly depressed. Especially when he encounters the following tough hijackers, it really drives him to gnash the teeth in anger.

Today, let’s have a deep talk on this topic. The main points of this article are as follows:

1. What is listing hijacking?
2. What are the merits and drawbacks of listing hijacking?
3. What are the requirements of listing hijacking?
4. How to deal with malicious listing hijacking?
5. How to prevent listing hijacking?
6. How to reasonably hijack a listing?
7. What are the specific operation methods?


I. what is listing hijacking?

In short, listing hijacking is a way of selling products by sharing a listing. That is to share the same listing details page with other sellers when your product and the descriptions of the product are exactly the same with that created by others.

0-1-1024x499 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

II. The merits and drawbacks of listing hijacking

The merits of listing hijacking:

1. Saving time and effort when uploading products

The publishing process of the products to be hijacked is very simple. You don’t need to create the listing page at all, since others have already created one. The only thing you need to do is to set the price. Then you can sell the product on Amazon, so easy.

2. Obtaining traffics quickly

With the kind of listing that has a great amount of traffics and a good sales situation, it’s very helpful for you to write off sales. This means to take advantage of others’ traffics and take away the fruit of others’ business operation to boost your own sales. This is also the main reason why so many sellers prefer listing hijacking.

The drawbacks of listing hijacking:

The biggest drawback with listing hijacking is the serious price comparison, which leads to a vicious competition! Think about it. Multiple sellers sell their products with the same listing page. In order to be relatively competitive, price war is inevitable. Low prices continue to squeeze profits, and finally only buyers are happy.
Of course, there are also some very “unusual” hijackers who set the price very high. For example, the original product is sold at $40, but the hijackers set the price at $1000. The aim is to successfully attract the attention of customers, and hopefully they begin to pay attention to other products in their shop that are cost-effective.

000 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I


To sum up, the drawbacks of listing hijacking are mainly as follows:
  • Fierce price competition
  • Squeezed profits
  • Increased probability of receiving critical reviews
Risk of listing hijacking:

If you sell the same products with others, but the product details are not consistent with them, your account may be restricted or blocked once the authorized or brand registered sellers complain.

0000 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

III. The requirement of listing hijacking

In order to improve the customers’ shopping experience, Amazon allows listing hijacking.
If you want to sell the same products with others in a righteous way, you must meet this requirement: you must guarantee the descriptions on the listing page of the product are exactly the same with the one you want to hijack.

Including the following points:
1. The products of both sides should be exactly the same, including brand, pictures, title, color, parameters, material, packaging, etc.
2. If the product you sell is with the same brand with others, you need first obtain the brand authorization on this platform.
3. Even if the products are identical, you should also be aware of the infringement of intellectual property rights of other sellers, such as trademarks, patent and so on.


IV. How to prevent listing hijacking?

Nobody wants to hand over their own listing to others. They may seize your market, rip off your traffics, and eventually grab your shopping cart and the listing editing right.
But Amazon itself allows listing hijacking for sellers, so how to protect yourself? How to get more speaking right when it comes to listing hijackings? Preparations before selling the product are necessary.

1. File the brand

First, apply for the registration of the trademark in the area where your Amazon site is located.
With a successful application, the brand is filed on the Amazon platform, which means you have a “protective umbrella”.
But please be aware: with the brand filing, it does not mean there will be no listing hijacking. Some bold sellers still hijack your listing. But at this point, you are justified to complain to Amazon, because you are the seller whose brand is protected.

00 How do Amazon sellers hijack and anti-hijack listings (Operations illustrated with graphics) Part I

2. Improve the product details

Of course, the brand filing may take a long time. Before the successful brand filing or for the sellers who do not apply for brand protection, you can make some adjustments on product details.


You can sell multiple products which can differentiate yours with others’, so that others cannot hijack.
Add the logo of your product on the packaging picture. On the one hand, it reminds the hijackers that the details of your product are different. On the other hand, it also helps to appeal.
Design unique packaging for your own products. Though the products are the same, if the packaging is different, the hijackers have no justice on their side.

3. Join the AE project of Amazon

Amazon Exclusives is a project launched by Amazon in 2013. It mainly helps sellers with registered brands to promote their products, which gives sellers the advantages in brand protection, independent traffic entrance on homepage, and declaration priority of activities.
One of the great benefits of this project for sellers is that no sellers are allowed to hijack listings, which means you are strictly protected by Amazon.
But to be protected needs to pay a protection fee, an extra 5% commission. Let’s do our best.

Specific application process is as follows:
Go in from this entrance:

Follow the prompts:
Another way to apply is with the help of the investment manager, which saves time and effort.

4. Join the Transparency program

This is an anti-counterfeiting project that helps track inventory data from the manufacturer to the end user, primarily to distinguish whether the product is genuine or not, and to track the date and location of the item.
If you can apply for this program, you can protect your rights and interests by carrying out infringement claims and the identification of the product authenticity.
However, this program still follows an invitation system, with the first six months free.

5. Save the information of the listing page

Many sellers are not aware of this. Sometimes, it’s really helpless if the editing right of the listing page is taken away by the hijackers and the product classification is modified. In case of this situation, we need back up some files, especially the link to your product details page and the catalogue of your product.

5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

1-1 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies

Amazon starters seem to get confused all the time with the platform, sometimes they can even fall into lots of pitfalls.

If you want to earn your share of the cake Amazon offered, make sure to get all the five traps straight.


1.Amazon is just one of the online players

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Amazon is never just one of the online players, it’s “the king of online players”. Such as people plunging into Facebook to be social with each other or searching Google all the time for websites they need, Amazon is where they swarm into whenever they are thinking about shopping.

The king of online retailer earned its name according to the annual sales forecast of 10 million dollars. Amazon offers a full-service built-in trust system with all buyers’ purchase information. Amazon Prime members also enjoy a two-days fast delivery for all the Prime products. All these makes Amazon a must-developing platform for anyone who want to make a fortune through internet business.

2-2-1024x669 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies


2.It’s hard to sell on Amazon

Lots of us may considering packing and shipping goods all by sellers for internet business. However, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has already solved the problem for you. With this service purchased, Amazon takes care of the most parts in delivery and customer support, freeing the retailers or sellers from troubles and time-consuming works. You just need to click on delivery while Amazon will finish the rest for you.


3.You can’t succeed with a late start

I’ve seen many success stories of new Amazon sellers during my career, including some outstanding ones who managed to make over 10 thousand sales out of a zero start. Therefore, the truth is that you might have missed many shifts of Amazon cruises before, but there are still promising ones calling at the harbor, waiting for you to boarding.

4-2 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies


4. No more cakes are left on Amazon

There are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon. Sounds intimidating enough before we give a second thought to its scale – a world-class internet business platform with over 1 billion products globally, 20 million on its North-American site and a month view of 175 million! So, don’t worry. There are always niches left for new Amazon starters.

Take last year’s “Cyber Monday “as an example. Amazon shipped 16 million units from third-party sellers then with a up to 50% growth compared to the year earlier. As there are no signs of slowing down, we will assume the number continue to grow on the “Black Friday “this year.


5. List your products and wait for orders

You learned to list your products, upload your descriptions, now you are waiting for orders. Well, you may need to wait long. Even you find your field on Amazon, that field will not bring you gold out of nowhere. Every marketing or optimizing step is crucial. For instance, listing itself plays an essential role in improving your search ranking, so a lot of sellers will apply optimizing tools when listing their products.

Amazon newbies will fall into the above traps easily. However, upon the golden ages of Amazon nowadays, the sellers on the right track are likely to enjoy a thriving blossom in the next few years as long as “the king” retains his strength and status.

3-1 5 Common Pitfalls for Amazon Newbies