Must-have Tips of Amazon Sellers: Use Email Marketing to Improve Sales【Part I】

A successful Amazon seller will know how to effectively direct traffic to your Amazon product detail pages and get the deals done.
Yet, this will not happen easily if customers know nothing about your brand and products because of poor marketing.
Besides efforts you drive external traffic, there are much more you need to pay attention to on email marketing.

It’s Important to Use Email Marketing

Email can help to build a rapport with your potential customers in the fastest way and get more attentions to your store. The traffic it directs will then contribute to a sales improvement.
Let alone more positive feedbacks and 5-star reviews from the buyers with a proper email marketing strategy which may eventually buy you more regulars in the future.

However, when it comes to email, we need to stick to Amazon’s “less is more” approach. Too many emails will arouse a counter-productive impact when clients are bothered and confused.

So, How to Make a Successful Email Marketing Strategy?

Implement Promotion Planning.

You need to keep in mind your core competitiveness drawing the potential buyers and convince prospects to act.

That is, what consumers need but not have yet in their lives and what your products bring them in supplement. Make sure of this and act accordingly.
Once the strategy is done, ensure that you set up appropriate times to send this set of emails, including a promotion reminder, a promotion starter, a discount offer or follow-up reminder to put an urgent calling for customers. All these shall be designed and planned ever since the launch of product.

You can refer to the following guideline for an integrated sample process in Part II.