product description optimization

Let Your Product Do the Talking【Part four】

3 Ways to Enliven Your Product Descriptions

1,Use Sensory Language

Sensory language refers to descriptions related to people’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. These kinds of words will motivate customers, better if added with a few emotional expressions.

For example, sellers deal in stuffed toys often use the words”soft”or”cottony”to highlight the texture of the plush. While, you may try to change it into “snuggly”. See, here comes more imagine rooms for you to think about how it comforts you to have the stuffed toy in your hugs. 

As above picture shows, Patagonia uses words such as”comfortable against the skin”,”soft to the touch”instead of the normal”soft”and”comfortable”to describe boxer shorts in order to enlivening customer’s feelings about how comfortable it is to wear them on.

2,Present Scene of Imagination

Describe how customer use the product.
Above is what Moosejaw says about their women’s hoodies:
“a cozy wrap for cool coffee mornings or heading to yoga at the downtown studio”

3,Understand Different Effect of Different Expressions

For instance, “This Product”and”Our Product”are different. The latter will arouse more emotions from customers. You should consider adding some words with emotions in the descriptions.  

To change “Our products has…”or other similar sentences into following ones:

You can enjoy… 

You can reply on our service of… 

Which means that…

Which will allow you to…

You will get…

These expressions are understandable and realistic. 

Good product descriptions must be designed properly with real contents and appropriate forms. Tell your customer through a combination of real contents and appropriate forms what can solve their pains will truly help you to reach an agreement with your customers. Thus, finding agreement is the essence of good product descriptions.