Amazon Listing Q&A Optimization

How to optimize Amazon Q&A page for the Listing?

The role of product Q&A on a certain level is similar to that of review. It is an indispensable part of the listing optimization to respond to some questions that the buyers are most concerned about.


The optimization of Q&A starts from the following two aspects:


1. Demand & Pain Points

Since the buyers are most concerned about these problems, whether it is a new or old product, the survey and sorting of the competitor’s product Q&A are conducive to knowing well about the customer’s demands and pain points. For example, most of functions of smart bracelet need to be displayed on the APP terminal synchronously, and such information as charging, etc. can be reflected in the Q&A. With the increase of sales volume in the later stage, the listing shall be optimized for the problems in the Q&A to increase product conversion to form a good cycle.


2. Keywords

Like review, Amazon hopes that the Q&A is a true feedback without fraudulence. Therefore, the words that appear in the Q&A will be included in Amazon. If the proper core keywords or strongly-correlated keywords are filled in the Q&A, the accuracy of product matching with customer search terms will be improved, and the buyers will see your products more quickly upon searching, thus getting more traffic.

During the new product promotion period, it is only recommended to prepare 3-5 Q&As according to the Bullet Point, and number of the Q&A will be increased with the increase of sales volume. Be sure to avoid the deletion by Amazon due to unreal Q&A.