How to find Amazon buyers and conduct remarketing by using Facebook?

Today we’d like to share Retargeting, a brand new way for off-site promotion in 2019, with you! We need to point out that off-site promotion does not mean that outside Amazon only. However, these methods can be applied to the off-site promotions of nearly all B2C and B2B platforms!


Why is Retargeting so important for off-site promotions?


The function of Retargeting is that when any customer views your listing page or puts any product into his or her shopping cart without buying it immediately, relevant advertisements will lock in the customer via its browsing history, Cookies, and continuously display relevant products in other pages viewed by the customer to increase his or her probability of placing an order.


Currently, there are two largest Retargeting platforms: Facebook and Google. However, it seems that other large-scale platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and Wish, are trying their best to avoid Retargeting. We cannot be sure whether they worry that a private transaction will be made as a result of frequent contacts between a potential buyer and relevant seller.

In fact, we think that two criteria for the operation conversion rate of independent websites are of great importance, which are:

1.Products need to be unique and personalized so that customers cannot find similar ones from other places (Nowadays Amazon asks sellers to perform R & D).

2.Retargeting is an emphasis for placing orders. In North America, the buyers who place orders via independent websites grow at the rate of nearly 40% annually. Their average probability of placing orders at the sight of listing pages is as low as 0.1%, but that is as high as 30% after activating Retargeting function.


Important impacts of Retargeting on platform sellers:


The largest disadvantage of platform-bases sales is that one’s customers cannot be accumulated. As a result, we think that sellers can achieve four goals by using Retargeting and off-site promotion.

1.Sending product coupons and promotion information of new products

2.Attracting customers to place orders at one’s listing page on Amazon

3.Achieving the email and contacts of any buyer

4.Reminding buyers to write reviews


Solving the technical problems of Retargeting for Amazon buyers


Any seller who knows Retargeting should be aware that the precondition of performing Retargeting is inserting the tracking code of Facebook or Google into relevant pages. It’s open and easy to do so at Shopify, but it’s quite difficult to do so for Amazon because you have no way to insert such code into Amazon listing pages.


However, the problem can be easily solved by using the customer matching function provided by Facebook. The operation is as follows:

Step 1: You can export customers’ information from Amazon background, including family name, given name, city, state/province, country, and phone number or Email if possible;

Step 2: Upload relevant information to the user-defined customer in Business Facebook;

Step 3: Enter Facebook Business Manager and upload the above customer information; by using the customer matching function provided by Facebook, you can make Facebook find relevant buyers automatically and find all similar customers from target markets by using Facebook customer profile.


We believe that accurate customer base can be found by using the above method. And you can obtain unexpected gains with very low budgets by using their profiles to match more similar customers!