make good use of prime day traffic boost

What should We do after boosting sales on Amazon Prime Day?

Believe it or not, lots of Amazon seller did create a sale explosion with Prime Day. This traffic skyrocketing will last for almost two week,however,things will return to off season gradually at the end of July.In this case,many sellers decide to start their “vocation mode”. However your rivals may not own the holiday,they’re certainly ready to ride next sale wave! Therefore,what should we do after Amazon Prime Day?Sellers should make good use of the traffic and expression which is generated by Prime Day to drive more conversion in the future.We are going to share some tips for you:   1.Send your customized email to customers.   Review Request plays an important role in customer care.We should send a request review …


Amazon Listing Q&A Optimization

How to optimize Amazon Q&A page for the Listing?

The role of product Q&A on a certain level is similar to that of review. It is an indispensable part of the listing optimization to respond to some questions that the buyers are most concerned about.   The optimization of Q&A starts from the following two aspects:   1. Demand & Pain Points Since the buyers are most concerned about these problems, whether it is a new or old product, the survey and sorting of the competitor’s product Q&A are conducive to knowing well about the customer’s demands and pain points. For example, most of functions of smart bracelet need to be displayed on the APP terminal synchronously, and such information as charging, etc. can be reflected in the Q&A. …


4 Ways to Optimize Your Product Description on Amazon

Descriptions are the five extended long descriptions of product bullet points.Even though descriptions are not weighted that much than title and bullet points, let along any grantees of it to be checked by every customer, Amazon sellers should take efforts in creating good descriptions as though these are to be read by majority of customers.   Please take the following steps for reference:   ▪ Upload YouTube videos to increase sales conversion. ▪ Give notifications to reduce after-sale problems. ▪ Explain highlighted features, especially descriptions of usage scenarios. ▪ Instruction of products and accessories.   To sum up,no matter bullet points or descriptions, they are all belong to components of copywriting; and a good copywriting is always more focused on …


amazon FBA

The advantages and disadvantages of FBA -Help for new sellers

The sellers are suggested to use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). FBA is the logistics service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, packaging, payment processing, delivery, customer service, and order return.   Let’s learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of FBA:   Advantages:   Compared to fulfillment by seller , FBA is favored by Amazon to receive the higher exposure and traffic, meaning more orders are possibly transacted. Recently-announced two-day delivery is converted into one-day delivery (currently it only supports the; Prime logo is more attractive to Amazon’s quality users – Amazon members; Increase chance of winning buy box; 24*7 order delivery; Intelligent warehouse management can shorten the delivery time; Negative feedback from FBA distribution can be submitted for deletion; …