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Competitor Tracking

Track and monitor changes in any Amazon product metrics - Pricing changes, promotions, and listing status.

Be updated with APP notifications, and act quickly to adjust your strategies.

Competitor Tracking
Campaign Manager
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PPC Optimization

Analyze and improve your PPC at the campaign and ad group level. Set up your bidding rules to automate your campaigns and improve ACoS, TACoS, sales, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

What We Offer

From profit analytics to PPC optimization Help you succeed in selling on Amazon

Profit Dashboard

Profit Dashboard

Breakdown of your cost & revenue to offer you a clear insight of your Amazon business. You can also dive deeper into a specific product / ASIN to see what products are most profitable and which cost factors you can optimize to increase your profit margin.

Keyowrd Research

Keyowrd Research

Amazon SEO is difficult. Now you can know the daily changes of your keyword rankings. Have a clear picture of keyword performance by historical search volume, and then adjust your PPC campaigns, optimize listings, and boost sales with the most valuable keywords..

Email Automation

Email Automation

Create email campaigns with our templates to get rid of the manual request reviews routine. Set up email automation to save a lot of your time while gaining more reviews and feedback.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Help provide data for inventory forecasting based on your historical sales data. Predict FBA sales and keep you informed of inventory health by instant alerts.

Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

Provides multiple metrics analysis to know how your listing is doing as a whole. Enhance your Amazon listing quality to outperform your competitors, win more Buy Box and maximize your conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Learn from your competitors' keyword choices, listing writing, historical prices to see how they market their products. Check their estimated sales, ratings and reviews to gain a better understanding of your competitors and adjust your strategies.

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Totally awesome. Thanks for the accuracy of tool4seller, no longer need to calculate the gross profits by myself.

Garwood Andrew
7-Figure FBA Seller

The search term is so amazing. If you're an Amazon seller, this can help you know the keywords of your competitors by search ASIN.

Angelina Baker
Entrepreneur 4+ years

Just started my Amazon business. I really like the FBA Calculator, Search Terms, and its Sales and Profit Analytics.

Ashley Swift
Amazon Sellers
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